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Why Your Light Switch Is Not Working and How To Fix It?

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We live in a world surrounded by electrical appliances, circuits, and electrical switches. A life without electricity is something we cannot imagine in today’s world. A light switch is not something we have to fix often, but when it malfunctions, it suddenly disrupts our lives with a huge impact. Here we will give you all the information about light switches, their problems and how to fix them.

Common Light Switches Issues

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1. Switches Which Spark

When there is a spark and loud pop when you try to switch on your switch, it is an immediate sign to get an electrician Singapore to come and diagnose any underlying problems with your electrical swtich. It may just require a simple replacement of your light switch, or perhaps signal a more dangerous symptom that will burn your electrical wiring.

  1. Light Switches Emitting Noises

Most people call a reliable electrician down to have a look at their light switches if they are buzzing, crackling, clicking or making other unnatural sounds. Then there is a good chance there is a loose electrical wiring connection somewhere, and in worse case scenarios, may cause a power trip in your house if left unattended. This may be caused by an earlier electrical installation problem.

  1. Light Switch That Feels Warm

It may be a good sign to repair or replace your light switch when the light switches are warm to the touch, either before switching it on, or when it has been switched on for a period of time.  This is a dangerous sign that may lead to an electrical fire if left unattended to.

  1. Flickering Lights

Many times it happens that you light a switch, but it takes some time to light up. This usually happens to fluorescent lights when the starter takes a while to make the connection between the closed circuit when the light switched if flipped on. This may be the fault of the light or the fault of the switch.

Different types of light switch replacement

Now, you need to know about light switch replacement options:

1. 1-Way/2-Way/3-Way/4-Way Switch

If you want to have the power to switch on and off a light or device from more than two locations, you will have to look into installing two-way, three-way or four-way switches. 3- to 4-way switches may not usually be found in homes, but are commonly found in commercial or industrial estates.


This complex light switch installation system allows you to turn on and off lights located in various areas of your space from one location. This would usually happen in larger spaces like long corridors, in very large warehousing spaces or have more than 2 entrances, where a stretch of lights are installed.

These types of switches are generally used in industries, but in some cases, they are used in houses too. These switches have four terminals of brass and one ground terminal. They are marked on / off and are used to power a particular device.



  1. 2. Gang Switches

A single gang is a 1 button switch, a double gang or 2-gang is a 2-button switch, 3-gang is 3 buttons, and a 4-gang switch has 4 buttons. You get the point. The difference between installing a single gang and a 4-gang light switch is a matter of whether you would like to control a cluster of lights in a single location. A single gang electrical switch would likely be for a bedroom ceiling light or a water heater switch. A 4-gang switch is more likely for a cluster of downlights in the living room, and you can have multiple light switch installations that control a few downlights at a time.

Common Symptoms That Require Light Switch Services.

Here are the common symptoms and the way to troubleshoot light switch options:

  1. Higher electric bills

Are you suffering from over exceeding electricity bills? Then you need to get a quick checkup done of the light switches in your house. Many times, due to electrical switch problems, the electric bills exceed much more than they should be original. It could be due power leakage, causing your electrical switches to use up more electrical energy than needed. The most common culprits are broken light switches, cracked cover plates, old light switches, or light switches that are warm to the touch.

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  1. Receptacle warming

While you may easily ignore this problem when it shows itself, believe us when we say this is one problem that needs immediate attention. The first thing that you need to do in this case is to avoid using that particular light switch and cut off the power to it if possible.


  1. Wires that are exposed

This is one major problem that you need to fix when you see the signs indicating an electrical wiring upgrade, because if left unattended this can lead to a major accident and that is not all. This can also damage the electrical circuit of your house if not fixed immediately. Also, this can harm children or people who touch it.

  1. Lights that are flickering

The first thing that you need to check after you see a light flickering is whether the bulb is fixed properly in the socket or not. If after fixing the bulb the problem persists then it might be a case of a fault in the wiring connection of your house.

Call An Electrician

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Our electrical switch installation service covers all the bases from purchase to installation to maintenance to ensure that your electrical switches and outlets are professionally installed, safe, and beautifully placed in your home.

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