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Why You Should Not Replace Your HDB Water Heater Switch Yourself

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A lot of Singapore homeowners are living in Housing Development Board (HDB) flats. It is really inconvenient when the water heater switch malfunctions, and it may take some time before a reliable HDB electrician can be found. To save time and money, homeowners may attempt to do it themselves, but there are risks in that they may not be aware of.


Some of the risks that they may get into if they try to replace their HDB water heater are as follows:

Electrical Shock 

When doing electrical repair and replacement, one of the biggest risks is an electric shock. Professional electricians know the right ways of electrical troubleshooting, but for the untrained homeowner, this may be dangerous. Most water heaters are also located in bathrooms where there is always water. Water is a good conductor of electricity, and it increases the hazard of repairing water heaters. Touching a live wire can lead to electric shock and it may cause serious injuries or even death. Compared to other home repairs, repairs involving electricity is the most hazardous so it is better to leave the job to trained and EMA licensed electricians.


Fire Hazard 


Another issue that an inexperienced person may face when dealing with water heater switch replacement is the occurrence of fire. Working with electrical wiring is always accompanied by fire hazard, that is why homeowners should let the professionals handle the repairs. In working with switch repairs, it is essential to use the correct wires and connect them properly. If the wrong wires are used or they are not properly connected, there is a chance that this will lead to heating and fire which can damage the entire home or property. There may also be instances that the homeowner is not aware of proper handling of electrical wires and the possibility of a short circuit and fire.


Using The Wrong Heater switch


Before attempting to replace the malfunctioning water heater switch and doing DIY electrical repair, the homeowner must be aware that there are right procedures and standards for these. A misstep in water heater switch replacement can cause fire when an incorrect current rating for the heater is chosen and installed. Water heater switch installation using a different rating will cause the wirings to heat and overload, and there is also a chance that the switch will malfunction faster and will lead to increased energy bills.


Causing More Expensive Repairs 

Changing water heater switch requires the homeowner to install a new switch after removing the existing electrical switch. The heater switch is usually installed with lighting and fan on a switchboard. If the switch is not removed properly, the wiring for other switches can also be damaged and can lead to more expensive repairs or worse, fire. Hiring a licensed electrician can save a homeowner from these scenarios because all wiring on the switchboard will be checked accordingly.



HDB water heater switch replacement should be consulted to professionals. It is a task that requires skills and training from electricians, and HDB homeowners should let them do it. In Singapore, Daylight Electrician offers different electrical services for a reasonable price.


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