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What To Do When Your Electrical Outlet Stops Working

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Electrical outlets are considered one of the most important electrical installations to have. Just like light switches, they make it easier to complete tasks and enjoy leisurely activities. That said, they can experience issues which can cause them to stop working altogether. For them to undergo quicker electrical repair or replacement, it is best to determine the cause of their problems. The following are some methods you can try when one of your power socket installations stops working:


Test Other Electric Outlets


At times, an electrical outlet can stop working due to problems which stem from the power supply. To confirm this, try testing your other electrical outlets to see if they experience similar problems. If your appliances fail to work when plugged into those outlets, you may want to have your distribution board repaired or replaced. This also applies in case your light installations, ceiling fan installations, and other devices suddenly malfunction.

If your other appliances seem to be working normally when plugged into your other electrical sockets, then it is likely that your electrical problems only stem from one outlet. In that case, try calling an electrician to conduct a power socket replacement or repair.


Check Your Circuit Breaker


Another possible reason for why your electrical socket stopped working could be because of a tripped circuit breaker. Most homes in Singapore have circuit breakers installed to protect their electrical wiring from heavy damage in case an electrical overload or short circuit takes place. However, this can also cause a power loss to some circuits thereby affecting the devices connected to them.

Inspecting the circuit breaker for the room in which the malfunctioning outlet is located is located will help confirm if it has tripped. If the main circuit breaker has tripped as well, make sure to switch it on first. After that, you can switch on your room’s circuit breaker. If the power trip has been caused by a temporary power surge, your installed power socket should be able to work again once the circuit breaker has been switched back on. Otherwise, try resetting the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to restore power. If all else fails, it might be best to call an electrician to help you out.


Unplug Some Appliances


If your HDB circuit breaker trips again after being switched on, then it is possible that your outlet’s issues are the result of an electrical overload. This happens when too many appliances are plugged into a single outlet. In order to reduce the load on the installed power socket, try limiting the number of devices which are connected to it. If your circuit breaker continues to trip afterward, then it is possible that one of your appliances might be defective. You should have a commercial or HDB electrician repair or replace it in that case.


Inspect Your Electrical WIring

In some cases, an electrical outlet can stop working due to electrical wiring problems. The electrical wires may have been damaged due to pests or may simply be loose. Since electrical wires are highly sensitive, it is not recommended for you to fix them on your own. Moreover, certain tools are needed when it comes to resolving matters related to electrical wiring. Instead, it is best to contact a professional electrician so they could see if an electrical wiring repair or replacement is needed.



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