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Troubleshooting Common Lighting Issues And How To Repair Them

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Troubleshooting Common Lighting Issues And How To Repair Them

Every light bulb that you install in the ceiling has a limited lifespan. It can get a blown fuse before that lifespan due to many causes. It is okay if a one or two lights go off within a few weeks, but you should start troubleshooting if your ceiling lights are going off one by one. There may be a major fault in the electrical wiring that is causing this trouble. You can try to figure out the issue by applying some simple techniques explained in this post. If still you cannot find the issue, you should call for a light service repair by an electrician to know what is going on with the lights and the electrical wiring.

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Your Electrical Socket May Have Stopped Working:

The very first thing you should do is checking the light sockets and bulbs to figure out what is causing the problem. It is possible that the power socket is old and not maintaining a smooth flow of electricity due to which the bulbs are getting blown fuses. You should use a voltage meter to test the power sockets. It will reveal how effectively the electrical socket is receiving the electrical current. Put one probe of the voltage meter at the center of the socket and another one at one side of the socket. If the volt meter lights up, the power socket is hot and you must replace it as soon as possible.


Check the switch connections:

The wiring joints are prone to fail. It will not fail for many years if you have hired a reliable electrician to install electrical wiring in your house. You should first cut the power supply and then remove the power outlet to check switch connections. Now turn on the power supply and check the current is flowing through the connections or not. If there is a short circuit or the current is not flowing, it can be a big reason behind non-working ceiling lights.

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Ensure wiring connections are fine:

Two wiring connections are associated with the ceiling lights. The first wiring connection would be in the electrical box behind the lighting fixture and another one would be behind the light switch. Cut the power supply to test both wiring connections. If the connections are loose or if there is a short circuit, it can be a big cause of faulty ceiling lights. You will need an electrical wiring repair by an electrician Singapore to correct these electrical connections.

You will require special tools used by EMA licensed electricians to deal with the causes of failing ceiling lights. It would be a daunting task and therefore it would be better if you call a home lighting repair Singapore service.

It is possible that the electricians can reveal a major issue with the electrical wiring, outlets, or sockets and inform you on time to prevent a big issue in the future. Therefore, calling an expert for troubleshooting common lighting repair work is always a great idea.


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