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Things to Consider Before Any Light Installation

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Before setting up new light installations for your home, it’s vital that you do some prior research. This is because lights significantly affect your home’s atmosphere and brightness. As a result, replacing your light fixtures with the wrong models can result in much discomfort and inconvenience. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost for installing lights differs according to their type.

Knowing which lights you want a licensed electrician to install and how much it costs to set them up can be extremely helpful. These can help you to avoid going over budget as well as prevent any light installation problems caused by incompatible lights. In line with that, we’ve prepared some things to keep in mind before doing any light installations. In addition, we’ve provided a table of light installation servicing costs.


Tips To Remember Before Any Light Installation  


The following are some basic tips to remember before having kind of light installation done:

  • Longevity: Lights made with durable material are bound to last longer and are less likely to experience common lighting issues. So before purchasing certain light types, make sure that they can last for a long period of time to avoid immediate servicing by an emergency electrician.
  • Heat Production: Like light switches, light bulbs naturally emit heat due to the electric current which runs through them. That said, some lights produce stronger heat than others. So when purchasing lights for your electrical contractor to install, remember to choose those which don’t emit too much heat to avoid any discomfort.
  • Manufacturing Details: Whatever light you want to have electrically installed in your home, you should never forget to check its manufacturing details. That way, you can check which specific materials were used to build it and if they’re of high quality. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing low-grade downlights or recessed lights without realizing it.
  • Electricity Usage: Some lights consume minimal electricity no matter how much you use them. As such, they can help you save money on your electricity bills. So when deciding which lights to purchase for your home, make sure to choose those which don’t consume too much energy such as LED lights.


How Much Does It Cost To Install Lights? 

The cost for installing new lights depends on their specific type and the order in which they’re installed. For more guidance, have a look at the table below:


No. Description of Service Price for 1st Installation Price for 2nd and Subsequent Installation
1. Replace Light Bulb From SGD $60 From SGD $40 Per Replacement
2. Replace Light Fittings From SGD $45 From SGD $25 Per Replacement
3. Replace Light On-Off Switch From SGD $65 From SGD $65 Per Replacement
4. Install Lighting Point From SGD $65 From SGD $65 Per Installation
5. Install Down Light From SGD $60 From SGD $25 Per Installation
6. Install the hanging/deco light fitting From SGD $65 From SGD $45 Per Installation
7. Install the ceiling light fitting From SGD $45 From SGD $25 Per Installation




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