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Switches making weird noises daylight electrician singapore_wm

Signs you need a light switch repair

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Every modern home is equipped with light switches that people use thousands of times every month. Even though you do not pay attention, these mechanical devices come with a certain lifespan. It will wear out after that lifespan and start malfunctioning. Some switches can last for years and some can stop working within a few months. It totally depends on the built-in quality of the switches, so choose the right light switch for your house.

You must keep a sharp eye on how your light switch responds every time you push it in order to know it is working fine or not. You can prevent troubles of non-working light switches if you recognize the malfunctioning switches quickly and replace them without waiting too long. So, consider these signs to know if you should change your light switches or not.

Flickering lights daylight electrician singapore_wm

Flickering lights:

It is something that every homeowner experiences when using the light switches. As you push the switch to turn on the lights, it takes a little extra time for the lights to go on and it flickers as it does so. This usually happens to fluorescent lights. For a light with a longer lifespan, you may want to consider installing a LED light to replace fluorescent lights. It might have happened with you because old light switches stop working well due to poor functionality of the internal components. The metal components inside the switch wear out with time and do not contact perfectly to transmit electricity perfectly. Consequently, it takes a while for the lights to go on. It is a big sign that your home’s switches are getting older and you should replace them all as soon as possible.

Switches making weird noises daylight electrician singapore_wm

Switches making weird noises:

A faulty light switch not only causes poor flow of electricity but also creates many weird noises. You may hear it like weird electrical sounds that would actually be crackling, buzzing, or popping sounds. The light switch Singapore experts suggest that you should replace the light switches immediately before the switches start creating electrical sparks.


Sparking switches:

People often ignore small sparks whenever they turn on the lights. This spark can also occur in new switches if there is any manufacturing defect. Usually, it does not ensure that there is an issue with the switch but still you should be alert. Sparks occur mainly when you turn on the switch because the electricity jumps to the contacting metal part. Sometimes you may get injured if your switches are creating too much spark. You should call a light switch repair electrical service in Singapore as soon as possible to avoid a potential accident.

We all use electric switches every day. Everyone knows how does it feel when push a new switch to turn on the lights and other electrical appliances. If you need to apply extra power while pushing the switch, you should replace light switch quickly. It is an indication that there is a manufacturing defect and switch will not offer a long service.

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