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Should I Choose Zigbee or Z-Wave Smart Switch Communication Protocol?

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Most Singaporeans who engage in light switch services prefer to opt for smart switch installation. It is because of its advanced technology. 

Smart switches are available in different types of communication protocols, and it will be discussed in this article to help you decide which one to get:


Wireless Connection Types



Most homes in Singapore have a wireless connection. When homeowners are deciding to hire a light switch replacement electrician, the strength of the Wi-Fi is also discussed to strategically place the smart switches. It is placed where the Wi-Fi connection is stronger. can be used to transfer large files, and even connect to a smart switch. However, the more devices connected can cause a slower experience. 

On the other hand, when choosing light switches for your house, a Bluetooth smart switch can also be purchased in Singapore. These types of smart switches do not need a smart hub to operate but can be connected to fewer devices. It can also be used for data transfers



If you are used to the traditional way of how a light switch works, then you are probably not very knowledgeable about the Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols. A Zigbee smart switch is an open-source protocol. It means that it can be connected to multiple light switches. However, it can only reach up to 60 feet. 

A common light switch replacement mistake for larger homes is choosing a smart switch that does not have a wider range. If you own larger homes, then a Z-wave smart switch can be better. Its protocol can communicate within 500 feet of distance. 


Wi-Fi Connection Pros and Cons

Can Be Connected Easily To Mobile Apps


One of the common light switch problems typically for traditional switches is that over time, it becomes worn out due to excessive use. However, if you install a smart switch, you can lessen the actual contact from the switches and control it from your smartphones. Not only will you be able to use your switches for a longer period of time but they can be easily controlled. 

The light switch installation is now more affordable. Hence, if you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, then you can easily download a mobile app to control every smart device you have at home.  

Too Many Connected Devices Can Slow Down Bandwidth

Electrical installation problems can occur when too many devices such as Wi-Fi smart switches are connected to the internet. The connection will slow down causing it to have delays on the controls. 


Zigbee and Z-Wave Pros and Cons


Does Not Rely on Wi-Fi Bandwidth

When you are planning electrical works and you notice that your home needs a wider range of connections because of its larger size, then your EMA licensed electrician may advise you to install a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch. 

These types of smart switches do not rely on the bandwidth but rather have an independent frequency. It only has a frequency band of 800-900 Mhz which debunks the myth that it consumes more bandwidth.

An Additional Smart Hub Is Needed To Link Switches To Mobile App

One thing you need to consider before any light installation and before any smart switch installation is if you are also willing to spend on an additional smart hub. Most especially when you are required to have a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch for your bigger homes. 

Smart hubs allow Zigbee and Z-Wave switches to be controlled even if you are away from your homes. 



The possibilities of how convenient and technologically advanced your homes can be are limitless if you are able to choose the right communication protocols for your homes. Whether you are choosing a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch, it is important to take note of the pros and cons of each communication protocol. Hence, you should find a reliable electrician to assist you in your smart light switch installation. We at Daylight Electrician Singapore can do the job at the highest efficiency, without any hidden charges!


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