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Wall Fan/Wall Mount Fan Installation

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Wall Fan/ Wall Mounted Fan Installation Services

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Many Singaporean households rely on cooling appliances to help beat the hot weather. A prime example would be the wall fan. One of the main reasons why many homeowners in Singapore prefer installing one or more wall fans in their homes is because they are budget-friendly.

If you are looking to install a wall fan, it is ideal to call for electrical services. This allows you to enjoy a cooler breeze in your house even if it is hot outside.


Table of Contents

An Introduction To Wall Fans

Pros Of Installing A Wall Mounted Fan

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Wall Fan

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An Introduction To Wall Fans

It is vital to have a brief introduction to wall fans before installing one. Here are the basic things you need to know:

The Functions Of A Wall Fan


This type of electric fan must be installed on walls to save floor space and make more use of vertical space. They are typically installed in areas where they are close to a plug or outlet. Once the power is on, it will provide better air circulation and air quality to make you feel comfortable. It is recommended to hire an electrician when installing a wall fan to avoid common electrical installation problems.

Wall Fan Type


Some wall fans are remote-controlled which makes it easier for you to adjust the speed or control other fan settings. On the other hand, an oscillating fan has a switch for you to turn on or off to change the speed. However, before buying one, it is important to first test if your electrical installation is working properly.

  1. Wall Fans With Remote Control – There are some fans that come with a remote control which makes it easier for the user to control the air speed.
  2. Oscillating Wall Fan – This wall fan has a switch wherein you can turn it on and off to adjust the speed at which the fan is releasing air.
  3. Wall Fan With Timer – A wall fan with a timer is efficient for a longer period of usage. The wall fan’s timer could automatically turn off if there is no one in the room.

Wall Fan Brand

There are many wall fan brands available in Singapore. A tip when choosing a wall fan is to invest in a reliable brand. This is to ensure that your wall fan is always in good condition even for a long time. Whichever wall fan brand you choose, it is vital to be aware of the ways to maintain your electrical installations.

Understanding the basics of a wall fan is important, but what are the benefits to be reaped from a wall fan installation?


Pros Of Installing A Wall Mounted Fan

There are various cooling equipment available (e.g. air conditioners, air coolers, and electric fans) in Singapore. However, many are interested in wall fans because they are affordable and compact. Hence, we are going to discuss the pros of installing a wall mounted fan:

Energy Efficient

When compared to a ceiling fan installation, a wall fan is able to induce a similar level of cooling, but at a lower energy consumption rate.

Cost Efficient

The price of a wall fan is usually lower than that of a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit. The savings over time from a lower utility bill adds to the cheaper upfront cost, meaning that a wall fan installation is highly cost efficient.

Space Efficient

Recommended For Rooms With Low/Sloped Ceilings


It may not be ideal to conduct a ceiling fan installation when the ceiling is low, or the room comes with a sloped roof. Installing a wall mounted fan would therefore be the recommended choice by utilizing wall space instead.

Recommended For Rooms With Little Ceiling Space


Some homeowners may want to mount other appliances on their ceilings, like a ceiling lights installation. As a result, there isn’t enough space on their ceilings to host a ceiling fan without interference. This is why it would then be ideal to install a wall fan since it utilizes wall space instead.

Floor Is Free From Obstructions

Homeowners that utilize standing fans will usually find that it takes up quite a bit of space.  Its bulk and cabling can even pose as a safety hazard. To avoid injuries that may stem from unsupervised tampering or tripping, it is highly recommended to install a wall fan.

Air Circulation Is Focused

Wall fans allow the user to adjust the airflow’s direction, and a particular space will only be cooled. This is ideal for those people who are only sitting in a single spot, like in front of a desk or on a bed.

Since a wall fan is likely to be a permanent installation, you would want to make sure that everything is perfect from start to finish. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the factors to consider before installing a wall fan.


Factors To Consider Before Installing A Wall Fan

Many families in Singapore are opting to invest in wall fans since they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Thus, before you purchase, you must consider some factors before installing a wall fan.

Wall Fan Build Quality

Just like when choosing other appliances, it is also vital to opt for a high-quality wall fan. A general electrical safety tip is to check the product details, quality, and warranty of the fan since it will be running at high speeds for many hours. If you purchase a low quality fan, it can malfunction or even cause serious damage and injuries.

Wall Fan Noise

Certain wall fans generate a loud noise when in operation. This noise pollution is not conducive to work, study, or sleep. Hence, it is advisable that you choose a wall fan that is relatively silent.

Wall Fan Installation Location

Wall fans help to cool and ventilate a room. Hence, you would ideally want to install your wall fan where family members or house visitors spend most of their time in.

Size Of Your Room


A thing to consider when planning electrical works (e.g. wall fan installation) is to check the size of your room. This is to ensure that the size of the wall fan is suitable for the dimensions of your room. This will help you maximize your space which you can use for other purposes.

Wall Fan Design


Wall fans come in a variety of colours, finishes, build materials, or even designs such as classic or contemporary. It is recommended to buy a wall fan that matches the décor of the room to accentuate the visual appeal. Once you have decided which one to install, find a reliable electrician to help you do the installation.

There are reasons why you should avoid DIY electrical repairs or installations. You may not have the proper knowledge and tools to conduct the job which can cause serious injuries. Hence, it is ideal to contact a professional electrician.


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