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Smart Switch Installation

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Smart Switch Installation Services in Singapore


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Many homes in Singapore are evolving into being more modern and technologically advanced. One of the things that are highlighted in upgrading homes are installing smart switches. Hence, choosing the most suitable smart switch for your homes and lifestyles is very essential. Make sure to only hire a trusted and reliable electrician in Singapore to conduct smart switch installation, repair, and replacement to prevent any potential hazards. If you’re not experienced, it is better to not attempt to replace smart switches by yourself.

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How Do Smart Switches Function?

Installing A Smart Switch


In installing a smart light switch, you will first pair it with your existing traditional light switches at home, and then you can now control them remotely with your own smartphone. Here we will talk about how do smart switches function.

Features of a Smart Switch


When choosing light switches for your house, you must also be aware of the different requirements and features a smart switch has. Some of which are as follows:

  • Controlling lights and other appliances even if you are away from your home
  • Easily checking device status remotely
  • Can preset switches to automatically turn on or off
  • Light dimming
  • Voice-activated

How To Connect A Smart Switch


Smart switches should always be connected to the power supply even if the lights are turned off, this will enable you to control your lights remotely. If you are aware of how a light switch works, then you know that smart switches are unlike traditional light switches in this matter.

Controlling A Smart Switch With A Smartphone or Smart Home System

If you are thinking of having a light switch replacement or installation for your home, you should also be aware of the different and better ways you can control the smart switches depending on your needs and type of living.

WiFi Smart Switches

If you are installing LED lights to replace your fluorescent lights, then you must expect that they can also be connected to a smart switch. In this case, yes, and you can also control them via Wi-Fi.

Zigbee and Z-Wave Smart Switches


A Zigbee smart switch can be connected to up to 65,000 devices, thus making it more reliable if you have a larger space. On the other hand, a Z-wave switch can be connected up to 550 feet, making the transfer of data faster. However, it can only be linked to up to 300 devices.

Now that you have an idea on how smart switches function, then you should also be aware of the benefits of installing smart switches at home.


4 Benefits Of Installing Smart Switches At Home

Whenever Singaporean homeowners are planning on improving the overall look of their homes, a light installation and even light switch replacement/installation are often done. If you are planning on having a smart switch installed, let us discuss the 4 benefits of installing smart switches at home:

More Safety and Security


In choosing light switches for your house, you do not only look at the convenience of it but you should also look at how safe they are. When you decide to purchase a smart switch and have a light switch replacement, keep in mind that you can control these with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Easier Control


Smart switches can be controlled using only your smartphones even if you are away from the actual switch. You can also connect its controls with all your smart devices.

Lower Power Bills

If you notice that your light switches are causing your bills to fluctuate, then it may be a sign that you need a light switch repair or better yet, a light switch replacement.

Accessibility and Convenience


Unlike how a traditional light switch works, a smart switch can be operated remotely by using your smartphones. Controlling other smart devices are also more convenient with a smart switch since it can be connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Installing smart switches can be very beneficial for your household. However, deciding may take you a while and that is why you should take note of these myths about home smart switch installation.


Myths About Home Smart Switch Installation

One great advancement in technology is smart light switches. These electrical switches use internet connection to connect to different smart devices at home. However, even if they have many advantages and benefits, there are also many myths about home smart switch installation.

Smart Switch Installation Is Complicated


Smart switches can be very easily installed. It just needs a stable internet connection, smartphone, and a one-time light switch installation to be connected to multiple devices.

Smart Switches Have High Energy Consumption

Many think that installing a smart switch in their homes will cause their electricity bills to fluctuate. However, that is not the case with smart switches. One of the benefits of installing smart switches is that it does not consume too much energy and it can be monitored and tracked using a smart app.

Smart Switches Are A Security Risk


Typically, a device that is connected to the internet is prone to security breaches. However, if you are planning on a light switch replacement and choosing a smart switch, then you will be oriented that these types of switches have high-security standards.

Smart Switches Are Complicated to Operate

If you are aware of how smart switches function, you probably know that it is very easy to control, especially when you have a stable internet connection. Having the most suited smart switch applications on your smartphone can also be a factor, if not, then you will most likely face issues.

Smart Switches Cost More


When planning on doing electrical works in your home, like a light switch installation, you should consider many factors such as your budget and the functionality of the switches. However, smart switches are now very affordable, even the ones with good features.

The myths have been debunked and you are now aware of the facts about smart switches. After that, you should also be aware of the benefits of both Zigbee and Z-Wave smart switch communication protocol so you can decide on which one you should choose.


Should I Choose Zigbee Or Z-Wave Smart Switch Communication Protocol?

Most Singaporeans who engage in light switch services prefer to opt for smart switch installation. Smart switches are available in different types of communication protocols, and we will discussed if you should choose a Zigbee or Z-wave smart switch communication protocol below:

Wireless Connection Types



When homeowners are deciding to hire a light switch replacement electrician, the strength of the Wi-Fi is also discussed to strategically place the smart switches. On the other hand, when choosing light switches for your house, a Bluetooth smart switch can also be purchased in Singapore.



A Zigbee smart switch is an open-source protocol. It means that it can be connected to multiple light switches. However, it can only reach up to 60 feet. A common light switch replacement mistake for larger homes is choosing a smart switch that does not have a wider range.

Wi-Fi Connection Pros and Cons

Can Be Connected Easily To Mobile Apps


One of the common light switch problems typically for traditional switches is that over time, it becomes worn out due to excessive use. However, if you install a smart switch, you can lessen the actual contact from the switches and control it from your smartphones.

Too Many Connected Devices Can Slow Down Bandwidth

Electrical installation problems can occur when too many devices such as Wi-Fi smart switches are connected to the internet. The connection will slow down causing it to have delays on the controls.

Zigbee and Z-Wave Pros and Cons


Does Not Rely on Wi-Fi Bandwidth

Zigbee and Z-Wave smart switch do not rely on the bandwidth but rather have an independent frequency. It only has a frequency band of 800-900 Mhz which debunks the myth that it consumes more bandwidth.

An Additional Smart Hub Is Needed To Link Switches To Mobile App

One thing you need to consider before any light installation and before any smart switch installation is if you are also willing to spend on an additional smart hub. Most especially when you are required to have a Zigbee or Z-Wave smart switch for your bigger homes.

Knowing which communication protocol may not be enough to get the full benefits of a smart switch. You should also take note of this guide to buying the right smart switch for your home.


A Guide To Buying The Right Smart Switch For Your Home

Smart light switches are one of the most in-demand home appliances. Together with smart light installation, it also adds up to the aesthetic of the homes. Here is a guide to buying the right smart switch for your home:

Best-Selling Smart Switch Brands in Singapore



If you are choosing the best light installation for your home and deciding on installing a smart light switch, Tuya can be a good choice. It is known in the market to be the most optical smart switch in Singapore.



If you are planning on a light switch replacement, you might appreciate the Aqara smart switch’s feature that lets you adjust your lights even if you are at a different location. You will not have to install new wirings into your home because it uses the Zigbee control system.



Broadlink smart light switches have wireless control which lets you turn on or off your lighting system even if you are away from your homes. The look of these smart switches also helps with the aesthetic look of your home because it has a glass crystal board.

Kyla by Aztech

Aztech smart switch is one of the few smart switch brands that supports customizable smart switching. If you use the Kyla app, you can turn on or off your lighting and smart curtains even if you are away from home. This will be a very good idea if you want to save energy.


One of the things to consider before any light installation is that the smart switch can assure you of easy access to the automatic control of your curtain system, existing lighting fixtures. and air conditioner.

Sonoff smart switches have 3 modes that all require a 2/4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. These are:

  • Self-locking mode: Lets you turn off your devices in an instant and separately.
  • Interlocking mode: Lets you disable a device at the same time as turning on another.
  • Inching mode: Lets you turn on or off devices all at once.

Important Things To Take Note of When Installing Smart Switches



If you are planning on how to change your downlights or recessed lights and even planning to engage in LED lights replacement at your home, you can be sure that these devices can also be connected to the smart switches.

Connection Protocol
  • Switches That Use WiFi


Many smart switches in the market have a Wi-Fi module, in which they can be controlled using only a smartphone. However, if you are going to be using a WiFi smart switch, take note that more devices require higher bandwidth.

  • Switches That Use Zigbee/Z-Wave


Zigbee smart switches can be connected to up to 65,000 devices, that is why most buildings and bigger homes use it. This is unlike the Z-Wave hub that has a range of 550 feet, but with limited devices connected up to 300.


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