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(Last Updated On: August 16, 2018)


Imagine you were ironing your clothes while watching one of your favourite Korean dramas on your TV set. Without warning, your television screen went blank, and the noise from your air-conditioning stops abruptly, all the lights in the house went to sleep, and even the iron you were using is not left out as the light indicator dimmed. You squeezed your face angrily, knowing there was a power trip!

That is what most people experiencing—power tripping or power failure in Singapore is a major headache at one point or the other in their lives. This problem can cause someone to get angry considering the fact that most Singaporeans don’t know how to resolve the problem, especially when power trips happen in HDB flats. It is critical to understand that every house has a rigid but interrelated electrical wiring system which lays secure behind the walls. This means it will not be easy to find a solution to the electric power trips.

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Causes of Power Trips and Power Failures in Singapore

An electrical power trip doesn’t just happen for no reason. There are several causes of power failures. However, it is important for one must narrow down the root or primary causes of the problem; why the tripping even occurs in the first place.

Here are some reasons why power trips and power failures commonly occur:


1. Overloaded circuit

This is usually the primary cause of the power trip and power failure. You have to understand that circuit breakers trip whenever there is a problem such as overloading. In this case, the circuit is carrying a much heavier electrical load that it can hold, and the only way to get itself off the excess load is to trip off the entire lighting in the house. Circuit breakers come with different ratings, which is what determines how much current that is allowed to pass through the circuit. Oftentimes, circuit breakers trip in order to protect your electric circuit from excessive heat.


2. Short circuit

This one is even more serious compared to the Circuit overload causing an electric power trip as mentioned above. When a heated wire comes in contact or touches another heated wire or the neutral, a short circuit would then occur. A bleak in one or two wires in a circuit can also lead to a short circuit. It is very difficult to diagnose this problem because the issue could have come from a wiring problem in your house or from the wire of a device that you have plugged on the electrical grid.


How to resolve power tripping problem in Singapore

Power failure in Singapore can be resolved individually through the following means:

1. Resolving Overloaded Circuit problem

It is clear that the reason why a circuit will always break is that too many items are plugged into just one or very few outlets linked to only one circuit. Therefore, if you have more than one power outlet in your house, try to move high current consuming items like driers, iron box, or heaters, to other circuits that are not much or heavily in use.

You can also shut down any device that is not in use, and check on the various outlet wires to see if there is any loose one. Tighten anyone that is loose.

2. Resolve short-circuit power tripping problem

There is not much difference here from the one mentioned above, except in this case; you will have to check out all outlet wiring insulation and see if any of them are cracked or broken, thereby coming into contact with the black or white wires.

Remember to check for possible damages by switching off the power outlets and looking out for any signs of burning or melting. Also, remember to look out for any form of discolouration on those plugs. This way, you can resolve the power failure or electric power trip on your own.

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