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Light Switch Installation/Replacement/Repair Service

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Light Switch Installation/Replacement/ Repair Service in Singapore

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While often overlooked, light switches and any other electrical switches remain a critical component of electrical works in any home or office renovations. This is why it is essential to take your time when choosing the most suitable light switch for your rooms. Make sure to only hire a trusted and reliable electrician in Singapore to conduct light switch installation, repair, and replacement to prevent any potential hazards. If you’re not experienced, it is better to not attempt to replace light switches by yourself.

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How Different Types of  Light Switch Work

A light switch is an essential component used to switch on any light installation. There are different kinds of light switches out there to cater everyone’s preferences. We have ones that merely function to be switched on or off, while we have more sophisticated ones that can control the brightness of light fixtures. Let us guide you through how specific types of light switches work:

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On/Off Light Switch

An on/off light switch is a switch that basically turns lights on or off from a single specific location. This certain feature is the reason why this light switch is also called “single location switches” If you want to be more technical, you can also call it “single throw” or “single pole.” The term ‘single pole’ indicates that just one hot wire is supposed to be connected to it. On the other hand, single throw means that it connects to just one wire after being switched on. Some homeowners opt for this type of light switch, especially when doing a fan light switch replacement as it easier to control.

This light switch has a spring-loaded gate inside of it that closes when switched on. This closes the circuit and enables the power to flow from the switch to the light. Meanwhile, when you switch it off, the gate open and stops the flow of current from reaching the light fixture.

3-Way Light Switch daylight electrician singapore

3-Way Light Switch

The 3-way light switch is considered to be a single pole, double throw switch. Just one hot wire is supposed to be connected to this switch. Additionally, this switch comes with two other wires properly connected with it. The double-throw indicates that if you switch it on, this switch alternates the hot wire connection between the two other wires called “travellers.”

These travellers are basically connected to another 3-way switch that is connected to the wire that carries the power to the light.

When inspected internally, a 3-way light switch is likely to look like ‘V’ with the pointed intersection as the terminal where the hot wire from your circuit breaker is connected. As such, this point is called “point terminal” or “the common.” This point can be easily distinguished as it has a dark screw. The two traveller wires are then connected to the two open points of the ‘V.’ These open points are then called “traveller terminals” and they usually have some kind of bright brass screws.

4-Way Light Switch daylight electrician singapore

4-Way Light Switch

A 4-way light switch is considered to be double pole, double throw switch. Double pole indicates that the switch is connected to two hot wires. These two hot wires refer to the two traveller wires found in the 3-way light switch that is connected to the power from the electrical panel. In addition, it also has the same two wires from the 3-way light switch that carries power to the light fixture. On the other hand, the double throw means if you switch the 4-way switch, connections are changed between two pairs of traveller wires.

One of two traveller wires from the 3-way light switch will eventually be hot. In case the 4-way light switch is properly set in such a way that the wire is just connected to the traveller in the second 3-way switch, then the light will be turned off.

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Choosing Light Switches For Your Home

As you’re now more familiar with the different types of light switches available, you should also be aware of how they are differentiated based on their designs. It is important to take note of this especially when you are choosing the most suitable light switch for your new home.

  • Push Button Switches: Push-button switches are considered to be comparatively less common than other switches out there. Some of the models provide spring-loaded designs that eventually return to the original position after being pressed. The other push-button switches are to stay depressed if pushed back as well as click back to the original position if the circuit is disconnected.

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  • Toggle Switches: This kind of light switch is very common. Its toggle design utilizes a lever that is angled in an on-and-off position. If you move the toggle down or up, it will either disconnect or connect the circuit.
  • Selector Switches: Selector switches contain a kind of rotary lever or knob in order for you to choose different lighting settings as needed. These switches also come in two-mode designs.


Different Types of Light Switches in Singapore

With a plethora of light switches currently available, getting a new light switch installed at your home or office has become quite a difficult decision. However, this leaves you with more light switch options that will better suit your needs and lifestyle.

Here are the different types of light switches available for installation in Singapore:


  • Single-Pole Light Switch
    • A single-pole light switch has two terminals that can only be switched on or off from one location. As such, its toggle usually labelled ON and OFF.


  • Three-Way Light Switch
    • A three-way light switch has three terminals and is connected to two other switches located in two different locations. It’s usually unlabelled and located at the top or bottom of a staircase.


  • Four-Way Light Switch
    • A four-way light switch can control a light fixture with three or more switches. This type of light switch can usually be found in bigger rooms.


  • Rotary Dimmer Switch
    • The rotary dimmer switch is probably the most popular type of dimmer switch. It is designed with a circular turning knob that controls the light intensity by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise.


  • Sliding Dimmer Switch
    • Also called the “slider,” a typical sliding dimmer switch has an on/off toggle. This allows you to turn the light back on to the same intensity you had it the last time.


  • Touch Light Dimmer Switch
    • While not usually seen in typical homes and commercial areas, the touch light dimmer switch is starting to gain popularity. It is a type of light switch that strays away from the typical ON and OFF toggle as its main function is a touch control.

Signs That You Need to Get Your Light Switch Repaired or Replaced

  • Light Fixture Doesn’t Turn On Immediately
    • You’ve probably experienced moments when it takes a while for a light fixture to turn on after flipping a light switch on. This typically indicates that the metal parts inside the switch are overly used and the electrical wirings are not able to drive electricity around the circuit to complete an electrical path like before. Such symptom usually requires the light switch to be replaced.
  • Light Switch Produces a Large Spark
    • Usual sparks on light switches should be of no immediate concern as they are typically just caused by a “load arc” that happens during electricity jumps. However, a large spark or a spark that produces noise is a sign of a faulty light switch. Contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible as this requires immediate repair and replacement.
  • Noisy Light Switches
    • Worn out light switches or ones that have loose electrical wiring may lead to the production of certain buzzing noises. This typically suggests that a light switch repair or replacement should be done. However, if it’s a dimmer switch that produces such noises, check if it’s the light bulb making the buzzing. This is because the dimming effect usually makes such buzzing sounds.

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