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Electrical Wiring Services in Singapore

Most homeowners are unable to complete electrical wiring projects themselves as these are more complicated than something you should be doing by yourself. Electrical wiring can be undoubtedly messy and time-consuming, also if it not done by experienced and qualified electrical wiring contractors in Singapore, it could be a safety risk to homes and businesses. It is especially so in HDB rewiring projects.


While simple electrical wiring projects can be done by yourself, most HDB rewiring and electrical wiring installation should be done by a professional wiring contractor in Singapore in order to avoid electrical wiring mistakes that can lead to potential dangers. As your preferred electrical wiring contractor, we have a team of licensed electricians that are trained to provide all your electrical wiring, rewiring, and electrical extension services. Daylight Electrician Singapore understands the importance of having a properly installed electrical wiring system and we can help you maintain or reinstall electrical wiring in your HDB flat, condominium, business, or office.

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Electrical Wiring Services Available

Our team of licensed electrical wiring contractors can take care of any electrical wiring need in your home:

  • Aluminum Wiring Correction
  • Knob and Tube Wiring Correction
  • Spa and Hot Tub Wiring
  • Data and Phone Wiring
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Extension wiring


Signs That You Need an Electrical Wiring Service

Electrical cable problems might not always be an obvious sight to the typical homeowner. Here are the signs indicating that you need an electrical wiring upgrade:

  • Your residential or commercial wiring appears to be cracking, peeling or getting exposed
  • Your wiring points are darkened or black. Electrical wiring should be white or gray
  • You are unable to find an electrical outlet within six to eight feet of any point in your home, this means your existing electrical wiring is inadequate
  • Your fuses and circuit breakers get blown quite often for no reason
  • You live in an old building and smell burning within your walls close to electrical outlets

These are signs that you need to hire an EMA certified and reliable electrician in Singapore to help you maintain your electrical wiring or carry out a full rewiring of your HDB, office, and other residential and commercial areas.

Types of Electrical Wirings Available in Singapore

There are several electrical wiring terms and tools used by electrical wiring contractors in Singapore that most homeowners should learn before undertaking any electrical wiring installations. However, if you’re more experienced in such projects, it is also important to know basic electrical wirings that are available in the country.


Here are the types of electrical wirings categorised by their cable covers:

  • Non-metallic (NM) cables are mostly suitable for dry spaces such as in residential houses in Singapore.
  • Underground Feeder (UF) cable is one form of a non-metallic cable made up of a solid plastic sheathing individually covering each the insulated live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire.
  • Conduits are described as the metallic or plastic tubing encasing electric wires. They are mainly used in as house wirings, which are exposed in the interior walls and ceilings of residential homes.
  • Low voltage wires are enclosed in pairs inside a plastic cable. These electrical wires are typically short and are used in low voltage circuits.
  • Meanwhile, some electrical wirings are coated with an alloy of lead and aluminium, where more than 90% of the composition consists of lead.

There are also different types of electrical wiring installation processes used in Singapore households:

  • Joint box system is an inexpensive method that is often used in temporary installations found in several home appliances. Here, the wirings leading to the specific appliance are connected to the main wiring system with the help of joint connectors, which are usually secured and covered in small joint boxes.
  • Loop-in or parallel system is a method of electrical wiring widely used in most electrical appliances. Here, the wires are wounded across the switch and connected straight to the terminal point of the power supply.

  • Cleat wiring system is a cheap and easy kind of electrical wiring installation, where the insulated VIR or PVC cables are attached to the walls and ceilings with the help of T-shaped cleats, made of plastic, wood, or porcelain.
  • Batten wiring system is highly approved in many domestic buildings due to the electrical wiring’s safety features. This system consists of wooden battens made up of strong teakwood. These wooden battens then cover circular or oval shaped cables with single, double, or three cores.

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Choose Daylight Electrician Singapore

The smallest mistake in any electrical wiring repair can lead to very unsafe conditions which could potentially lead to electrocution or even electrical fires as well as loss of life and property.

Daylight Electrician Singapore is your preferred one-stop shop for all electrical wiring solutions. Your safety is our priority and we will ensure that we only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for all your electrical wiring installations. Our highly-experienced electricians will ensure that all your wirings are up to government codes and standards when we are done.

We will keep your HDB electrical wiring costs down by identifying what your exact needs are, your problems and what you also need in the foreseeable future. We then find the most efficient way to upgrade your electrical panels and circuits so that they last longer. We also provide you with additional electrical extensions to make your home more convenient for you.


Our electrical wiring installations are covered by our 30-day service warranty and our commitment to provide excellent after-sales support whenever you need it. Just read our positive reviews over the years to see it for yourself. We also carry out electrical wiring installations for commercial buildings and new constructions.

Daylight Electrician Singapore also offers emergency electrician services. Call us today at +65 6653 6261 for a no-obligation consultation or send an email to enquiry@daylightelectrician.com and we will have a trained electrician assist you with your electrical wiring needs.

About Daylight Electrician Singapore

Daylight Electrician Singapore logo faviconDaylight Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including emergency electrician services. Our EMA Licensed electrician and electrical workers are EMA/BCA/IDA certifiied and specially trained to execute all kinds of electrical repairs and works including electrical installation such as light installation, ceiling fan installation, power failure recovery as well as electrical wiring and rewiring. We have over 10 years of electrician experience and have done thousands of electrical works for both residential (Landed, condo and HDB electrician) and commercial electrician. We are the highly recommended electrician in Singapore with many happy customers and reviews. Call us for guaranteed transparent and honest pricing for all your electrical needs at +65 6653 6261

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