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Doorbell Installation/Replacement/Repair Services

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Doorbell Installation/Replacement/Repair Services in Singapore

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Installing a doorbell is an essential device to any property in order to alert the owner or occupant that there is someone outside their door. After hearing the doorbell, the family member will decide whether it is safe to open the door and take action accordingly. Most families in Singapore hire the services of an electrician to do the doorbell installation. Families can choose from having a wired, wireless, or smart doorbell, depending on their requirements.

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Benefits of Installing A Wired Doorbell

Most homes will call the services of an HDB electrician to install their doorbells. However, after quite some time the installed doorbell will start to malfunction frequently, especially if it is used very often.

Before planning for this electrical installation, the homeowner will have to decide whether he wishes to install a wired or wireless doorbell. Here are the benefits of installing a wired doorbell.

Wired Doorbells


When conducting a doorbell installation or a doorbell switch replacement, you should know that it consists of multiple components which are wired together.

A wired doorbell replacement is usually simpler since the wiring can be reused. You should avoid DIY electrical repair since only a certified electrician knows how to handle this job.

Pros of Wired Doorbells

Accommodates a Lighted Button

The button of the installed doorbell may not be noticeable at night. Therefore, many property owners prefer to install a lighted button which is noticeable at night.

Those homeowners who want a lighted button for their doorbell, should opt for a wired doorbell replacement. Considering that it will be cheaper and less maintenance will be required.

Electrical Safety of Doorbells


The rewiring for a wired doorbell is rather difficult, therefore this is the reason to hire an EMA licensed electrician. Once the doorbell installation is done, it can be used for ten or more years.

Hiring a certified electrician is the best choice since they can do any electrical repair and even give you electrical maintenance tips. Thus, more time and effort will be required for the maintenance of the wireless doorbell.

High Prices of Wireless Systems

There are things to consider when buying a doorbell, and one of them is the cost of installing a doorbell. Wireless systems using radio frequency signals. Meanwhile, wired doorbells have a transmitter.

Compared to a wired doorbell, a wireless system itself is more advanced and expensive, as well as its electrical repairs and replacement.


A factor which should be considered before installing a doorbell is great security. A wired doorbell is much more secure since it is more difficult to mess with the wiring as it is mostly inside the house.



Owing to the busy schedule that most people have, they wish to reduce the time they spend on the maintenance of home appliances and other household items.

A quality wired doorbell installed by an electrician will usually last you for about 10 years. To keep them functioning for a long time, there are 5 ways to maintain your electrical installations.

No Interference

To those homeowners who wish to reduce the electromagnetic frequency interference should opt for wired doorbells.

After knowing the benefits of installing a wired doorbell, it is important that you should know the reasons why your installed doorbell is not working.


Reasons Why Your Installed Doorbell Is Not Working

Most doorbell brands will last for at least ten or fifteen years, depending on the doorbell and the electrical wiring. However, several homeowners find that the doorbell installed is not working properly. Here are some of the reasons why your installed doorbell is not working.



There are some instances wherein dust, dirt, or any insect may collect in the button which is affecting its performance. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean your electrical installations.

Chime Box

Dust and dirt is also a factor that can affect the performance of the chime box. However, the electronics are often damaged due to heating, moisture, or other reasons. A malfunctioning chime-box should be replaced, and this is also a sign that you need an electrical wiring replacement.


There are some cases wherein the transformer may not be working, due to which the chime box does not get the power supply it requires. The transformer has to be replaced in most cases.

Faulty Wiring


Improper electrical wiring is another factor that causes doorbell malfunctions. It is important to find a reliable electrician as they know to handle the different components of a doorbell.

Improper Installation


There are some homeowners who may have hired the services of an inexperienced or incompetent electrician. Therefore, common electrical installation problems will arise after quite some time.

Aside from knowing the reasons why your installed doorbell is not working, remember to also be aware of the signs that a doorbell replacement is necessary.


Signs That A Doorbell Replacement Is Necessary

If the doorbell is malfunctioning, family members would not know who is in front of their door. Hence, it is important to arrange an electrical replacement if you see the signs that a doorbell replacement is necessary.

Damaged Doorbell Transformer

In some cases, the transformer is not functioning due to which the chime box will not get the power supply. The function of an electrical contractor, is that they will inspect the problem. One of the causes of power failure is due to a burned transformer.

Does Not Ring


This usually means that the doorbell button is stuck or damaged. In some cases, the power supply is not proper or the wiring is loose. Therefore, you should avoid this electrical wiring mistake.

Ring On Its Own


Once a doorbell is ringing on its own it is advisable to have a doorbell replacement. This means that the electronics may be damaged or hacked resulting in ringing without anyone touching the doorbell button.

Sounds Is Muffled

A muffled doorbell sound is due to a faulty chime box. You should know how to clean your electrical installations as there are some instances wherein liquid may be spilled on them, or some dirt may be clogging the doorbell.

Warning Lights/Noises

Doorbells are designed for use for a specific number of years, and when electrical repairs are required, some warning lights may be displayed or noises heard.

Volume Is Too Low


A family member may set the doorbell in a very low volume. In some cases, the speaker is not working. If this happens, you should find a reliable electrician to do the doorbell replacement.

Cuts Off Midway Through A Ring

If the ring is partly audible, then there is a problem with the electronics in the chime box.

If you are planning to purchase a doorbell, make sure to take note of the factors to consider before installing a doorbell.


Factors Which Should Be Considered Before Installing A Doorbell

After purchasing the doorbell, it is necessary to do the proper electrical installation. Here are some of the factors that should be considered before installing a doorbell. Such that homeowners can ensure that the electrician installs the doorbell properly.


Standard Doorbell Height

There are things to consider before planning any electrical work. The homeowner should consider the height of their visitors. In homes with small children or with visitors who are disabled, the doorbell should be lower.



Usually, doorbell installation involves drilling of holes, and if this will damage the decor, alternative options have to be considered.


Another thing to consider is the kids, since some children like pressing the doorbell for fun.  A benefit of installing a wired doorbell is that the battery will last for a long time.


There are benefits of hiring a certified electrician to install your doorbell since they are skilled to install the camera properly. the face of the visitor is clearly visible and he can speak clearly on the videophone.

Doorbell Button



In homes with a larger door frame, the doorbell may be placed on the frame. Meanwhile, in most homes, the doorbell is installed on the wall near the door. Common electrical installations can happen if you do not hire a certified electrician.


Another thing to consider when planning electrical work is doorbell’s height. A doorbell’s recommended height is between 40 to 44 inches.



There are a large variety of designs for doorbells available to match the door design and décor of different homes. There are ways in maintaining your electrical installations once you have purchased your preferred style.


There are some apartments that have knockers and each home is connected to the intercom system, which informs the family there are visitors at the entrance.

You may think that a doorbell installation is an easy process, although only an electrician knows what to do. Here are the 6 benefits of hiring a certified electrician to install your doorbell.


6 Benefits Of Hiring A Certified Electrician To Install Your Doorbell

Oftentimes, family members would like to conduct electrical installations like installing a doorbell by themselves to save time and money. However, it is beneficial to hire a certified electrician to install your doorbell.



Fixing a doorbell requires proper electrical wiring, thus hiring an electrician is ideal since the know the general electrical safety tips.


Since most families have no prior experience in doorbell installation, they want to have a guide to doorbell installation cost. Electricians charge a fixed fee for the installation. They also offer a work warranty.



There are reasons why you should DIY electrical repair or troubleshooting, and one of it is that you are inexperienced. Only a certified electrician is allowed to troubleshoot and fix any electrical problem.


Electricians are well-trained in the design, installation, and troubleshooting any electrical problem. They also certainly know the reasons why an installed doorbell is not working.

Trusted and Experienced


The electrician is only certified after he passes the exams specified by the certifying agency which checks his proficiency and knowledge of the electrical installation work.


Since family members have no prior experience in doorbell installation or doorbell replacement, they will have to spend time researching the best installation method. Finding a reliable electrician is the ideal choice as they have everything in hand.


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