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Circuit Breaker

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Circuit Breaker Services in Singapore

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Located inside the distribution board (DB) box or electrical panel, circuit breakers plays an important role in protecting a house or an office’s entire electrical wiring system. Tripped breakers occur as they prevent any electrical surge that may lead to house fires and other dangers.

At Daylight Electrician Singapore, we conduct several electrical services dealing with the replacement, repair, and installation of circuit breakers. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you notice any potential circuit breaker problems coming up.

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Common Circuit Breaker Problems

There are several reasons why circuit breakers trip, but tripping is just one circuit breaker problem that most HDBs in Singapore experience. Below are some of these common circuit breaker problems:

  • Bad Wiring
    • Improperly installed electrical wiring is one of the most common circuit breaker problems that homeowners experience. Miswiring can lead to several issues such as flickering lights to power failures. While you can connect and fix visible loose wiring by yourself, more serious matters in HDB circuit breakers should be inspected by a licensed electrician.
  • Overloading
    • A more serious circuit breaker problem, not only can overload lead to power failures or power trips, but it can also cause house fires and serious injury. Here are some signs of overloaded circuits:
      • Overheating power sockets and electrical breakers
      • Frequently tripped breakers
      • Use of several extension cords

  • Short Circuits
    • Short circuits occur when the electricity suddenly flows through an incorrect path, most likely the one with the least resistance. In addition to damaged electrical appliances, short circuits can also damage the circuit breaker itself. Here are signs of a short circuit:
      • Faulty electrical circuit breakers
      • Frequently tripped breakers


How to Troubleshoot Your Circuit Breaker

Suffering from constant power outages at home? You can follow these simple steps when troubleshooting your HDB circuit breaker before you contact a licensed electrician in Singapore.

  • Find the tripped circuit breaker
  • Turn off the lights and other appliances
    • It is important to switch off the lights and other electrical appliances first before following the next step as it may lead to a sudden electrical surge.
  • Test the electrical breaker
    • Set the lever back from the OFF to the ON position and take note of how loose it is. If the lever is indeed loose, then this indicates that it is faulty. You will then need to replace this circuit breaker. Otherwise, follow the next troubleshooting steps below.
  • Switch off your lights and appliances again
    • Once again, turn off your lights and appliances all at once. If a tripped breaker occurs, continue to troubleshoot.

hdb circuit breaker daylight electrician singapore

  • Check the electrical panel
    • Identify and turn off the main power circuit breaker supplying electrical power to your distribution board (DB) box or electrical panel. Check the electrical wiring connected to the tripped breaker and look for any signs of damage like a loose connection, corrosion, and other issues. If you’ve found such problems, replace your circuit breaker immediately. If there is indeed a loose connection, tighten it with a screwdriver and reset the circuit breaker again. Otherwise, continue to troubleshoot if it keeps tripping.

  • Check your electrical wiring
    • Identify the black or “hot” wire from the breaker terminal using a screwdriver. Pull it out from the electrical breaker to prevent it from touching other wires or metal surfaces. You can then turn on the main power breaker.
  • Get your circuit breaker tested for the required voltage
    • Touch one probe of the 120-140 volt tester to a bare copper ground wire within the main electrical panel. Do this while touching the other probe to the tip of the “hot” wire. When a correct amount of voltage is found, you will then need to replace your circuit breaker.

How to Prevent HDB Circuit Breaker Trips

We’ve all experienced it – troublesome circuit breaker trips in our HDB flats that seem occur every so often. While it is important to engage in the services of a professional electrician to solve the problem, there are also ways that you can prevent circuit breaker trips.

electrical wiring hdb circuit breaker daylight singapore

Why Does a Circuit Breaker Trip?

If you’re not really exposed to the technicalities of electrical work, then you might not exactly know why an HDB circuit breaker trips. But in most cases, circuit breakers are more likely to trip if the current flowing through it exceeds the amps that your system can handle. In simple terms, an electric trip happens when your system gets overloaded.

Useful Tips on How to Prevent HDB Circuit Breaker Trips

There are various safety tips that you are supposed to follow in order to prevent an electric trip in your home.

electric trip extension plug daylight electrician singapore

  • You are supposed to properly unplug electrical appliances that are not being used. It is because electricity can still flow through electrical wirings in an appliance even though they are turned off.

  • You should be aware of the number of electrical appliances you have plugged in during specific periods of the year such as hot seasons. Appliances like air conditioners tend to be “energy suckers,” which can be a source of an HDB circuit breaker.
  • If you only happen to have a few electrical outlets in your home, try to spread the largest energy user around.
  • Only having few power points at home can be annoying especially when you need to use several appliances at once. But remember to avoid using an extension plug that will surely overload your electrical system, eventually leading to an HDB circuit breaker
  • Moreover, it is also important and significant for you to make sure that none of the electrical appliance cords in your home is affected or damaged, melted, scorched or frayed. Keep the cords in the best condition possible.

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