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Reasons Why Your Installed Doorbell Is Not Working

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Most homes in Singapore have an installed doorbell such that family members are aware that there is someone outside their door and can open it quickly. Most doorbell brands will last for at least ten or fifteen years, depending on the doorbell and the electrical installation. However, several homeowners find that the doorbell installed is not working properly. Here are some of the reasons why homeowners face a problem with your electrical installation or electrical wirings.




One of the most common doorbell problems is that the doorbell button is not working properly. The problem will become severe when the button is installed outdoors for single-family homes and properties on the ground floor. It is important to know how to clean your electrical installations. There are some instances wherein dust, dirt, or any insect may collect in the button which is affecting its performance. In a few cases, the button itself is damaged. 


Chime Box

The doorbell has a chime box that is connected to the button installed on the door frame. If the button has no issue, the owner should know how to test if the electrical installation is working properly or if it is receiving the power supply. Dust and dirt is also a factor which can affect the performance of the chime box. However, the electronics are often damaged due to heating, moisture, or other reasons. A malfunctioning chime-box should be replaced and this is also a sign that you need an electrical wiring upgrade.



The chime box uses a low voltage, and the transformer is used to convert the AC power supply voltage to the chime box voltage. There are some cases wherein the transformer may not be working, due to which the chime box does not get the power supply it requires. The transformer has to be replaced in most cases.


Faulty Wiring


Improper electrical wiring is another factor that causes doorbell malfunctions. It is important to know the types of electrical wirings available in Singapore since wires are connecting the different components in the doorbell. Often due to high humidity levels in Singapore, the connection and connectors get corroded or become loose. There are some cases wherein the wiring is not properly installed, and is close to the door. Hence it is advisable to check the wiring, especially if it is exposed. 


Improper Installation 


There are some homeowners who may have hired the services of an inexperienced or incompetent electrician. Finding a reliable electrician is advisable as they know what to do when your doorbell is loose, fallen off, or damaged. 



There are several reasons why your doorbell is not working, and these are due to a damaged button, chime box, transformer, faulty wiring, and improper installation. To avoid any of these issues, there are ways to maintain your electrical installations. Our company, Daylight Electrician Singapore, is always available to repair your malfunctioning doorbell. We can do the work efficiently at an affordable price


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