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Power Trip At Home? 3 Reasons Why Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping And How To Fix It - Electrician Singapore | Recommended Electrician Services Singapore
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Power Trip At Home? 3 Reasons Why Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping And How To Fix It

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In Singapore, power trips are a frequent electrical emergency faced by homeowners. This occurs when the current in a circuit breaker exceeds the prescribed amount, thereby cutting off the electric supply. 

Although a power trip prevents damage to the wiring and other appliances, it can also result in a blackout. So to prevent it, here are some reasons why a power trip may occur in your circuit breaker and how you can resolve it. 


3 Reasons Why Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Overloaded Electric Circuit


One main reason why a power trip happens is because of the electrical circuit getting overloaded beyond the prescribed limit.  When the current exceeds the rated capacity of the wiring, it can get damaged or create a fire hazard.  In order to prevent an actual fire from taking place, a circuit trip occurs. 

Connecting multiple electrical appliances to a power supply may also cause the power supply to trip. Malfunctioning appliances in particular may use up more power, increasing the total current supply and causing the circuit breaker to trip.


Short Circuit


A short circuit can also cause an HDB circuit breaker trip. One way to identify this is by checking for burning smells. Usually, a Short circuit occurs when the hot wire (black) touches a neutral wire (white).  A surge in current supply can also happen when electrical wiring with damaged insulation come into contact with each other. Damaged appliances or lighting components with wiring problems can also cause a short circuit when plugged into an outlet.


Ground Fault 

Besides short circuits, a power trip can also happen because of a ground fault. . When the circuit breaker’s hot wire comes into contact with the ground, the resistance is lowered and causes increased current.  A hot wire (black) which makes contact with a metallic object can also cause a circuit breaker trip to occur. 

Ground faults can also happen when homeowners ignore general electricity safety tips. Furthermore, this can cause a highly dangerous accident such as an electrical shock from switches or sockets


How to Fix a Power Trip

Overloaded Electric Circuit 

  • Firstly, switch off all electronic appliances, gadgets, and light installations in the house.
  • Next, switch on  all low power consumption electrical devices.  
  • Now turn on your high power consumption appliances gradually until an electric trip occurs. Note down which high power consumption devices were connected when the trip happened.
  • Whichever appliance has caused an increase in the power supply is likely to be the cause of your power trip.
  • After determining the cause of your power trip, you can Connect the high power consumption electric appliance to another electric circuit to avoid another electric trip.
  • Alternatively, you can upgrade your electrical wiring and hardware to carry the additional power load. While waiting for the wiring to be upgraded, you should minimize the use of appliances that consume more power as much as possible. You can also switch off all other appliances when only one is being used.


Short Circuit

Compared to a power trip caused by overloading, fixing one which results from a short circuit is usually more difficult.

Usually, in the case of a short circuit, there is a massive spike in current which results in burning (causing a bad smell and discoloration). In that case, the electrical outlets should be switched off, and each of the power points and sockets should be inspected for any discoloration or smell. The insulation of the wiring should be checked as well. Furthermore, all the appliances should also be inspected for damage or odor. Usually the appliance with a short circuit will stop working and will have to be replaced or repaired.

Since most homes and offices have concealed wiring, it is not easy to inspect the wiring for damage or short circuit. Moreover, it is not easy to find out the exact condition of the wiring to detect any damage which has occurred. 

During monsoon seasons, an increase in the moisture levels or wet walls may cause a short circuit. Unfortunately, most property owners do not have the tools and experience to detect the damage to the concealed wiring. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a licensed and experienced electrician who can accurately detect the short circuit and conduct an electrical wiring repair or replacement.


Ground Fault 

  • Switch off all appliances and unplug them from the electric circuit.
  • Switch on the circuit breaker.
  • If there is no electric trip, each of the appliances should be connected to the circuit. Once the defective appliance is connected, the circuit breaker will trip.
  • The faulty appliance should be repaired or replaced to prevent another ground fault.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip, it’s possible that you might have electric wiring mistakes present. In that case, you should contact a reliable electrician to check the wiring and fix it if needed.



Depending on the cause of the electric trip, the property owner can either fix it himself or hire the services of a well-trained licensed electrician in Singapore.  If you opt for the latter, you can contact someone from Daylight Electrician Singapore  with many years of experience in providing all kinds of electrical services.


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