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Important Things to Note Before Calling a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician

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Electrical installation problems are often inevitable. No matter how durable your electrical outlets and switches and other devices are, they are bound to experience wear and tear over time. Nevertheless, it is important to know when they are in dire need of repair or replacement so that you can prevent major accidents from happening.

Luckily, Singapore has many electrical contractors that can provide 24-hour emergency electrician services. In order to ensure that you receive the best service possible, here are some things to note before calling an emergency electrician

Disable Your Electrical Supply Once Your Appliances Emit Smoke 

When your electrical appliances malfunction, you may notice smoke emitting from them. This is usually a sign of an electrical emergency which may potentially lead to a power trip or even a fire. In this scenario, it is best to turn off your main electrical supply through your distribution board and avoid touching the appliances which are damaged.  Afterward, unplug the appliances from their power sockets carefully and immediately call a reliable electrician to repair or replace them as soon as possible.


Do Not Touch Cables That Have Caught Fire 


If your electrical wiring system is outdated, it might be prone to electrical fires especially if certain cables get tangled.  This is usually detected through a burning smell emitting from a power socket.  In case you experience it, immediately cut off the power supply from the main switchboard, and avoid touching any wires.  It is also highly important that you call an emergency electrician to inspect any damages and conduct electrical rewiring if needed. 


Unplug All Appliances In Case of A Power Outage


Power failures are a common issue faced by most homeowners. There are many causes of a power failure, such as faulty wiring, short circuits, etc.  Make sure not to fix a power trip yourself especially if you are unfamiliar with your HDB electrical components. Instead, call emergency electricians immediately and let them do the work.

Remember that working on a power outage can be time-consuming even for emergency electricians. To increase the efficiency of the repair works, unplug all your electrical appliances.  That way, you can also prevent further problems from occurring. For more information, here is a guide on what to do during a power failure


Have A Fire Extinguisher On Hand

Having A fire extinguisher on hand is very important in case appliances such as electric stoves, rice cookers, air conditioner, water heater, etc. catch fire In fact, using a fire extinguisher is better than panicking whenever your appliances start to smoke and unplugging them when they are already on fire. Once you have extinguished the fire, only then should you switch the circuit breaker off and unplug the appliances.

Always check your electrical sockets and switches after extinguishing them.  Make sure to also follow electrical safety measures to protect yourself from electrical shocks.  If your appliances are already beyond repair or are warm and give off a tiny spark of electricity, call an emergency electrician right away to conduct an electrical socket replacement




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