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How to Test if Your Electrical Installations are Working Properly

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A large number of domestic fires in Singapore are caused by electrical problems like power failure. Hence it is important to ensure that the electrical installation work is done properly so that there is no wiring and installation problem which could lead to fire or other problem. Fixing the fire related damage is very expensive and time consuming. It is also advisable to inspect the electrical installations periodically to see if there is any kind of problem so it can be fixed immediately.


Some of the tips for checking the electrical installation in Singapore are discussed below:


Check For Overheating When Plugging In Appliances


In most Singapore homes, many appliances are connected to the power socket whenever they are required. Normally the socket or plug should remain at room temperature even when connected. If the electrical socket is overloaded, the socket may become warm. If there is a problem with the socket like broken or loose parts, or loose wiring, there may be sparking in areas where the socket is heated. Even if the socket is becoming slightly hot, it is advisable to fix the problem as early as possible to avoid fire and prevent shocks from electrical switches and sockets.


Check For Loose or Frayed Wires

The homeowner should also inspect the wiring to check if there are any loose wires or connections which are not proper. Though the electrician may have done the electrical wiring properly, over time, due to vibration or other reasons like misuse, the wiring may become loose. Pests like rats, mice and pets like dogs and cats, may also bite or pull the wiring. Though most homes have concealed wiring, the homeowner should at least check the visible wirings. If there is any light flickering or similar problems, the switch plate can be removed to inspect the switch. Also, make sure that circuit breakers and power sources are turned off when handling electrical wires.


Check For Any Unusual Smells

When there is a short circuit or power trip due to loose connection, the switch and wiring may get burned or scorched causing the temperature to increase. If the plastic insulation of the wiring or switch plate is scorched or melting, it will have a distinctive burning smell which can be easily noticed. For concealed wiring, it is not possible to easily detect the problem, so the burning smell is the main indicator that there is a short circuit or loose connection within the electrical wiring. For cases like this, it is better to call for an emergency electrician for possible electrical repair and replacement.


Check If Any Smoke Is Emitted


If there is a short circuit, the current flowing will greatly increase, resulting in heating and temperature increase. Plastic and other materials surrounding the heated wire may burn and produce smoke. Similarly, if the outlet is overloaded, the temperature will rise, leading to burning and smoke. Overheated outlets may be easy to notice if smoke is produced, but for concealed wiring, it can only be detected through a burning smell. In these scenarios, you should call a licensed electrician to do inspection and electrical troubleshooting.


Check If They Produce Any Unusual Noises

In some cases, the appliances may make strange noises when connected to the electric outlet. In this case there may be a problem with the appliance, electric socket or both. Changing the electric socket may help identify the cause of the problem. The appliance should also be checked for faults. In case of defective switches, there may be arcing or loose contacts, creating a buzzing or rattling sound. Similarly, if there is loose wiring, there will usually be a buzzing sound. The source of the noises should be traced at the earliest, so that it can be repaired immediately. You should also avoid DIY electrical repair and engage with a professional electrical contractor instead.


Check If Breakers Are Tripping Constantly


The breakers installed in a home are selected so that they will trip if the electric current in the circuit exceeds the safety limit. Specifically, if there is a short circuit, the breaker will trip to cut off the power supply and prevent fire. Usually, homeowners cannot identify the cause of the breaker tripping and will switch it on again. If the breaker trips repeatedly, it can indicate that there is a problem with the wiring, electrical installations or appliances connected to the breaker. It is important to check this regularly because if neglected, short-circuiting can lead to fire. You should also consult a reliable technician and seek for electrical distribution board installation if your distribution board is damaged or malfunctioning.



Testing and checking for the electrical installations regularly can not only save you from expensive repairs, it can also save your family from danger. Daylight Electrician offers electrical services and troubleshooting to help you have a safe and functional home. They have experienced and trained electricians that can help you with your electrical issues.


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