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How to Clean Your Electrical Installations

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When maintained properly, electrical installations last for many years in most Singapore homes. The most common problem that homeowners face after an installation is dirt and dust. They can accumulate on surfaces and parts of the appliances such as lighting, fans, switches, electronic components and power outlets. There are a lot of reliable electricians who offer cleaning services for these installations to avoid them from malfunctioning.


Here are some tips on cleaning these installations easily:

Light Switches 


A light switch can be easily overlooked after light installation. If not too dirty, light switches should be cleaned weekly, and daily, if someone in the house is sick. In a household, the light switch is used regularly, allowing bacteria to thrive. To clean a light switch, you can use a microfiber cloth with disinfectant to wipe off the dirt and bacteria. For the switch plate, you can use disposable napkins to clean the grime deposited in it before wiping it again with the fiber cloth. If necessary, vinegar or baking soda can also be used.


Power Sockets  


One of the most important installation in a house is power socket. If not cleaned regularly, electrical sockets stop working and can get damaged. As a general electrical safety tip, make sure that the power source is off before cleaning it. The cover of the socket should be removed beforehand, and the screws should be kept aside. To clean the cover, you can dip it in water with detergent solution. Then, paper towels slightly dipped in cleaning solution can be used to wipe the plugs. It will take around thirty minutes to have everything dried off. When dry, put the covers back on the socket and fasten them using the screws. For old and malfunctioning outlets, it is also advisable to have professional electricians replace the power sockets.


Light Installations  


From bulbs to recessed lights, there is a wide variety of light installations available in Singapore. The process of cleaning these light fixtures varies, and while it will be easier to clean if the lamps are removed first, it is also time consuming. Before cleaning the lighting, make sure that it is switched off or unplugged. It is also advisable to wait for the lighting to cool down for around thirty minutes before starting with the cleaning. For better results, you can use a dry dusting tool with long handle to easily dust off the lighting without removing the lamps.

For intensive cleaning, each lamp should be unscrewed from the socket. The light bulb can be cleaned using a kitchen cloth or a damp cloth if it is dirty, before leaving it to dry. For added fragrance in the room, wipe it with essential oils. When the bulb is dry, you can now screw it back on. The bulb and the electrical parts  should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year and should be dusted off weekly. The lighting fixture should also be washed thoroughly at least once a year. Since chandeliers are complex, it is better to take a photo of them first before washing so they can be assembled properly after.


Circuit Board 


Most appliances and lighting have electrical parts which can be exposed to dust over a period of time. The electronics circuit board must also be cleaned to avoid lighting issues and the appliances getting damaged. Compressed air is very effective in removing dust on circuits boards, and if some dust particles remained, you can just use paintbrushes with soft bristles or microfiber cloth to remove them. In other instances, cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, and isopropyl alcohol can also help in cleaning.


Ceiling Fan 


A Ceiling fan is also prone to dust and must be cleaned regularly. Since it allows air to circulate in a room, dust particles can easily cling to its blades and its electrical components. Using microfiber cloth and a fan duster, clean the dust and dirt thoroughly from the blades and the motor. Pillowcases can also be used to cover the fan blades and clean them so that the dirt will not scatter all over the room. If the fan installed is in a high location, use a ladder to reach it. Clean the fan motor using a damp cloth. If the fan has glass globes or light bulbs with it, these should also be cleaned. In cases that the fan malfunctions because of too much dirt and dust, you should call a technician immediately to have it fixed or to have ceiling fan replacement.



Cleaning can save electrical installations from getting damaged through years of use. It is also important to have a professional like Daylight Electrician to check your installations regularly. If damage or malfunction is found, they can easily do electrical repair and replacement with their team of highly-skilled electricians.


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