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How to Change Downlights or Recessed Lights In False Ceiling?

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When changing or installing downlights (also known as recessed lights) on a false ceiling, you can either hire a reliable electrician to do it for you or you can facilitate the process yourself. Should you choose to do it yourself however, there are several important things which you need to keep in mind. These include the components required for the downlight installation process, what to do before changing a downlight, problems you may encounter while replacing, and how to avoid accidents during the process.


Components Which You’ll Need When Replacing Your Downlights


Besides a downlight repair kit, there are several parts which you will need in order to replace your light fixtures seamlessly. These consist the following:

  • Fittings: Fittings are the most important tool needed for any light installation, including downlights. Without them, none of the other light components will be able to hold properly.


  • Drivers: When it comes to the electrical installation for any downlight, drivers are a necessity. These are also referred to as transformers or control gears and are used to transform the main electricity coming from the grid to turn it into current or voltage.


  • Spring clips: Spring clips are another essential component of the downlight replacement process since they’re used to hold the downlights in place. As such, you should always make sure that they are in optimal condition.


Things to Remember Before Replacing Your Downlights


Besides knowing the components necessary to replace your downlights, there are also several things to remember before changing them.

  • To start, downlights are very popular because they help in giving your home interior a seamless design and a sophisticated look. In fact, they are known to stand out compared to ordinary ceiling lights.


  • When installing downlights, make sure you have the tools necessary to help you to control the lighting. For instance, you should make sure that your dimmer switches are compatible with the fixtures. Otherwise, you might experience a flickering effect.


  • Having the complete set of tools for your downlight’s electrical replacement process is also necessary in order to make sure that the process is done efficiently.


  • To avoid any accidents such as a power trip while doing a downlight installation, check whether the main supply is switched off or not. This is to ensure that no current or electricity is passing through the circuit while it is being operated.


  • When installing a downlight, it’s vital that you remove the casing in order to release the clips so you can attach it to the ceiling.


  • If your downlights don’t include a wiring cable connector, then you’ll have to rewire them with the help of a licensed electrician.


  • If you’re opting for downlights from different locations, your ceiling may require additional cutting, plastering, and drilling. Seek the help of an electrical maintenance company to get a full understanding of what changes may be necessary to your ceiling.


Problems Which You Might Experience While Replacing Your Downlights


As with other types of lights, replacing downlights may cause certain light installation problems such as the following:

  • Incorrect Model: Not having the correct downlight model can be a hassle for homeowners since some ceilings can only accommodate certain types of lightbulbs. To avoid this experience, make sure to study your home’s interior properly and research which downlight is most appropriate for you.


  • Incorrect Size: When replacing their downlight, some homeowners fail to purchase a model which can properly fit into their power socket. As such, their downlights end up falling off or incur damage. To prevent this from occurring, always make sure to double check if the downlight you’re purchasing is of the correct size.


  • Wrong Downlight Color: Failing to ensure that the downlight your purchasing matches with your existing light switches and fixtures can be aesthetically unpleasing. As such, make sure to refer to your existing light bulbs when choosing a new downlight in order to have consistent brightness and colour.


  • Improper Installation: Installing a downlight by yourself can cause various electrical installation problems in the future since it involves many technical procedures. Thus, it’s better to rely on a professional electrician or electrical contractor to set it up for you. By doing this, you can ensure that no problems occur with your fixture shortly after it’s installed.


How To Avoid Accidents While Replacing Your Downlights


In order to avoid any accidents while installing your new downlights, it’s vital that you adhere to the following general electrical safety tips:

  • Avoid touching any electrical equipment or wire while your hand is wet. For best protection, always wear rubber gloves or shoes.



  • Refrain from overloading the sockets.


  • In case of any electrical faults, quickly shut off your electrical supply using the safety switch on the electrical panel/board.


  • When unplugging anything, make sure to pull the plug at the very end and not the cord.


  • Make sure that your electric tools are durable enough so that they don’t break while being used against certain components.



Doing a DIY electrical repair with your downlights is not an easy task. Even when you’ve purchased the model and have the required tools, you’ll still need to make an opening into your ceiling for the fixtures to fit. Moreover, the electrical wiring needs to be set up as well and connected to the nearest wall switch.

To ensure that your downlight is installed seamlessly, don’t hesitate to contact Daylight Electrician Singapore for assistance. Besides setting up the fixtures, we can help you with other electrical services which you might be in need of. Simply view our price list for more information.

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