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How Installing LED Lights Will Save You Money On Electric Bills?

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An LED is a semiconductor device used by most homeowners today. Many electrical contractors in Singapore recommend installing LED lights in one’s home for various reasons. For one, they are made of the latest technology and are thus highly durable. Moreover, besides providing long-term and adequate brightness, they can also allow homeowners to save on electric bills. This is because they make use of less energy as compared to traditional lights such as round fluorescent tubes.

In this article, we explore the comparisons of LED lights to other light bulbs. In addition, we’ve provided a list of benefits of replacing your current light fixtures with LED bulbs. By knowing these facts, you’ll be able to provide your home with adequate brightness to help you fulfill your household needs.


History of LED Lights



When choosing the best light installations for their home, some homeowners prefer to make use of incandescent bulbs. This type of bulb contains two probes with a coil in between. Energy from one probe passes through the coil to reach the other probe thereby generating heat.

Due to the way in which they produce current, incandescent bulbs tend to result in high energy consumption. Fortunately, LED light bulbs such as recessed lights or downlights were later invented to prevent this type of light installation problem. As a result of their usage, many homeowners are able to have bright lighting without needing to worry about high electric bills.


Other Reasons For An LED Light Installation



Other reasons for why you should have a reliable electrician install LED lights in your home include the following:

  • LED bulbs can produce the same amount of light which incandescent or fluorescent lights emit but with less energy and watts.
  • Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LED bulbs tend to have a longer life. On average, they can last over 20 years after being installed.
  • LED bulbs are less prone to burning out as compared to incandescent bulbs or ceiling fluorescent lights. In fact, only 70% of their electricity is turned into light to prevent them from overheating.
  • Only one LED light is thrown away for every five CFL bulbs or thirty incandescent bulbs disposed of.
  • LED ceiling lights help reduce light pollution due to their low carbon dioxide emission rate.
  • Research has shown that replacing your office light or home light with an LED bulb can reduce energy usage equivalent to that produced by 800,000 cars.
  • Due to their low electricity usage, a single LED ceiling downlight can save enough energy to light up 3 million homes for a whole year.
  • LED light bulbs can reduce the entire earth’s electricity usage by 4%.
  • Many LED lights consume only 10% of the energy required by a single incandescent bulb.
  • Just one incandescent bulb can produce too much heat equivalent to that of a baking oven. On the other hand, LED bulbs remain cool to touch despite emitting an optimal amount of brightness.
  • Incandescent lights or fluorescent lights tend to require electrical repairs or replacing after a short period of usage. This is in contrast to LED lights which can be used for a long amount of time while being extremely efficient.


Who To Contact For An LED Light Installation

If you’re looking for someone to set up LED lights in your home, then don’t hesitate to contact Daylight Electrician Singapore. Our professional electricians have wide experience when it comes to electrical installations for LED bulbs and can even provide you tips on how to maintain your bulbs. Moreover, they can guide you on how to prevent common lighting issues which might cause you extreme convenience. Other services of ours include electrical switches installation, electrical wiring repairs, and even ceiling fan installation. For more information on how much these cost, feel free to view our price list.

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