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Guide to Doorbell Installation Cost in Singapore

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Among other electrical switches, most homes in Singapore have a wired doorbell since it does not require a battery, and it is also affordably priced. However, any homeowner who wishes to have an electrical installation like installing or replacing a wired doorbell would like to discover the cost of doorbell installation. In this way, they can find a suitable electrician and get the best rate. Some of the main factors affecting the cost of doorbell installation are discussed below. This will help homeowners and families to choose the right electrician.


Cost of Hiring Electrician


It is always advisable to find a reliable electrician in Singapore to safely conduct the doorbell installation. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore recommends that citizens should only hire licensed electricians for their electrical installation and electrical wiring work. A main factor affecting the cost of doorbell installation is the hourly rate of the electrician. If the electrician is well qualified, then the rate will be higher since he will be able to work faster, and offer a warranty of the work which he has done. 

The electrician will usually charge a fee even if he is only visiting the premises to check the installation. The fee covers the cost of transport and time spent and this will usually cost $30-$50. The fee is also different if the electrician will repair common electrical installation problems. Another factor is the location of the installation work, since some areas of Singapore are quite difficult for the electrician to reach. Therefore, homeowners should be ready to pay more. For doorbell installations, the electrician will usually charge based on his hourly rate, which varies between $50- $150 per hour.


Wired Doorbells


Wired doorbells are usually simpler and cheaper compared to wireless doorbells. Usually, once you have installed a quality wired doorbell, there is no maintenance required for more than a decade. Although, installing a wired doorbell is quite costly compared to a wireless doorbell since electrical wiring should be done perfectly. The transformer, chime box, home size, and the doorbell design are required depending on location of the doorbell installation. 


Average Cost of Installing/Replacing New Wiring, and Switches


Before installing a doorbell, the property should know the things to consider when planning electrical works. These include the cost of wiring, installation of button, chime box, and transformer. The cost of wiring will depend on the distance between the button, transformer and chime box since more wiring, ducts and other supplies will be required. Routing and fixing the wiring in larger homes will require more time since the chime box is some distance away from the door. This is the reason why you should avoid DIY electrical repairs or doing any electrical work since you should be familiar with all components, materials, and tools. The cost of fixing the doorbell components alone will cost approximately $50 each. The cost of replacing a doorbell will depend on the condition of the wiring. However, if the wiring is damaged, this is a sign that you need to replace your electrical wiring



You may be wondering how much does doorbell installation cost in Singapore, especially if you are a new homeowner. The factor that greatly affects is the cost of the electrician, since they are rated per hour. You should understand that a wired doorbell installation or doorbell switch installation is meticulous work as the electrician should do the electrical wiring properly. 

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