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Electrician Services During Circuit Breaker and COVID-19 Updates

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UPDATED (29 March 2022) – Daylight Electrician Singapore has been approved by Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) via GoBusiness to continue with our electrical services as it is classed as an essential service.




Source: CNA

All of our electricians have been briefed and educated on the healthy and safe practices to follow during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are conducting safe and sanitary practices for the benefit of our customers and essential workers: 

      • Our electricians have adequate access to face masks, uniforms and other anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and sanitising products.
      • Social distancing will be practised outside and inside of customer’s homes.
      • Temperature readings are taken twice daily and closely monitored by our team.
      • Our equipment is always properly sanitised after every job.

We currently operating our Electrical Services as usual during this Covid-19 period. All technicians will adhere to safety measures and protocols. Please Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 us for assistance. Thank you.


Doing Our Part With Safety Measures

covid-19-updates-daylight-electrician-singaporeAll of our electricians have been briefed and educated on the healthy and safe practices to follow during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are conducting safe and sanitary practices for the benefit of our customers and essential workers: 

  • Our electricians have adequate access to face masks, uniforms and other anti-bacterial cleaning supplies and sanitising products.
  • Social distancing will be practised outside and inside of customer’s homes.
  • Temperature readings are taken twice daily and closely monitored by our team.
  • Our equipment is always properly sanitised after every job.


Essential Electrical Services (Circuit Breaker)

The good news is when you’re thinking of calling an electrician,it is most likely considered essential, and our electricians are allowed to continue these essential electrical works. Please contact us if you need the following services:


Electrical Installations


light fixtures types daylight electrician singapore

  • Light Installations

A bright and well-lit environment is conducive for productivity while you Work From Home. As such, if you experience issues with one or multiple lights in your home, you can call an electrician to your home for us to fix the light bulbs or to change the light installation for you from fluorescent to LED for greater energy-savings.



  • Electrical Switches Installations

When your electrical switch is not working or even making dangerous crackling sounds when in use, it is imperative to call an electrician to quickly address the issue.

Daylight Electrician Singapore can fix any electrical switches including light switches, light dimmer switches and water heater switches. You don’t have to worry about going out during the COVID-19 situation as we have a range of brands and designs of light switches for you to choose from for the replacement.


electrical maintenance company singapore

  • Power Point or Power Socket Installations

Working from home with all your other household members who are likely doing the same, means the power sources in your home are more utilised than ever. Overloading your power socket with an extension plug would be dangerous and can lead to frequent power trips and power failures.

If this is a problem you are facing, you can contact us to help you install new power point installations in your home for convenient access to your new work station, or even to replace your existing one with a double socket version.

In the event that your power socket has burnt out or sparked, you can also get our electrician to quickly fix your power point and electrical wiring issue.









  • Electrical Wiring

Most inexperienced electricians may still lack the necessary knowledge required to conduct such electrical installations.

As such, they may inadvertently use electrical wirings of the wrong size and length, which can seriously pose a potential danger to electrical appliances at home.

To avoid such problems, only work with an experienced and licensed electrician in Singapore who are able to install wires with proper dimensions as set by local electrical authorities. Homeowners should also only work with electricians who have undergone the electrical installation course from recognised institutions in Singapore.


Electrical Repairs

Signs That Your Home Needs an Electrical Repair

  • Power Sockets or Electrical Outlets That Stopped Working

Bad wiring, a faulty appliance with a high wattage than the fitting, or short circuits usually cause power sockets and electrical outlets to stop working. Overheating and overloading on power sockets or electrical outlets are not uncommon, but they shouldn’t be happening frequently. Otherwise, it should immediately be fixed by a certified electrician as it might lead to certain home hazards.



  • Damaged Electrical Switches

Constant usage of electrical switches usually leads to wear-and-tear. While it is often unavoidable, it is important to get damaged electrical switches quickly repaired to prevent electric shocks when used.

  • Electrical Outlets That Spark When an Appliance is Plugged In

There are many reasons why a power socket might produce a spark. Short circuits, water exposure, age, and badly done repairs are just some of them. Make sure to get your power socket or electrical powerpoint installed by a professional electrician to avoid such potential dangers.



  • Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers trip whenever overloading occurs, which is when a circuit carries a much heavier electrical load that it can hold. As a result, power failure happens and this turns off electricity in the entire house.


Types of Electrical Repair & Replacement Works



  • Ceiling Fan (only replacement service available) – With Singapore’s hot climate, having a fully functioning ceiling fan at home has become a necessity. However, there are times when ceiling fans require immediate fixing such as when you start noticing humming noise or when it starts to wobble. Such signs indicate that you need to contact a licensed electrician for a ceiling fan replacement in Singapore.



  • Light / Lighting – Is your light fixture flickering or burning out quickly? These are just some of the signs that you need to get a light repair. Remember that home lighting repairs in Singapore should only be conducted by a professional electrician. This ensures that any future problems will be avoided, which then leads to fewer costs.


  • Electrical Switches – As mentioned earlier, faulty electrical switches pose more hazards at home as we tend to use them more frequently. Below are the different electrical switch repairs and replacement that we do:
    • Light Switch Repair
    • Lamp Switch Repair
    • Water Heater Switch Repair
    • Power Socket / Electrical Outlet Repair


  • Distribution board (DB) box – Are your circuit breakers tripping more often or do your lights suddenly dim when you turn on other appliances? Such problems may indicate that you need to get your distribution board (DB) box While you might be tempted to carry out DIY works because of circuit breaker repair costs, professional troubleshooting services

    should only be done by certified electricians in order to correctly identify the cause of the problem. Here are the different types of electrical replacement works that we do on distribution board (DB) box:

    • Circuit Breaker Repair
    • Fuse Box Repair
    • Circuit Breaker Panel Cover Replacement
    • Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) Replacement
    • Circuit Breaker Fuse Replacement
    • Fuse Box Replacement


Power Trips or Power Failures

Working from home means you’re using the facilities in your home more than usual, and though not because of it, but you may encounter a power trip or power failure more often because now you are around.

How to resolve power tripping problem in Singapore

Power failure in Singapore can be resolved individually through the following means:


1. Resolving Overloaded Circuit problem

It is clear that the reason why a circuit will always break is that too many items are plugged into just one or very few outlets linked to only one circuit. Therefore, if you have more than one power outlet in your house, try to move high current consuming items like driers, iron box, or heaters, to other circuits that are not much or heavily in use.

You can also shut down any device that is not in use, and check on the various outlet wires to see if there is any loose one. Tighten anyone that is loose.



2. Resolve short-circuit power tripping problem

There is not much difference here from the one mentioned above, except in this case; you will have to check out all outlet wiring insulation and see if any of them are cracked or broken, thereby coming into contact with the black or white wires.

Remember to check for possible damages by switching off the power outlets and looking out for any signs of burning or melting. Also, remember to look out for any form of discolouration on those plugs. This way, you can resolve the power failure or electric power trip on your own.


circuit breaker power trip daylight electrician singapore

Effects of Power Failure in Singapore

In a “Smart Nation” like Singapore, power failures tend to result in a variety of adverse consequences as online business transactions often come to a halt. People may try to cope by troubleshooting minor cases of power failures such as those in HDB flats, but a large-scale power trip in Singapore commercial buildings need to be attended to by a reliable electrical company as soon as possible.

Importance of emergency electrician Singapore for common households

When a power failure occurs due to a technical fault in electrical wirings in a certain building, the occupants immediately need to contact a trusted electrician to fix the issue. While you’re at it, check if there are any electrical wires hanging from unusual places or if there are any malfunctioning electrical power sockets as these can cause accidents.



Emergency electricians in Singapore are highly trained and experienced in power failure emergency procedures that can solve the electrical problem at hand in no time – this is unless there is already a major critical fault in the electrical lines. Ensure electrical safety in your household by only hiring the

services of a licensed electrician like Daylight Electrician Singapore.

We seek your kind co-operation to help us keep Singapore safe too and reduce risks of transmission:

Please delay and reschedule the plumbing services required if you and your household members have:

  • recently travelled and returned from overseas, and are on Stay Home Notice (SHN)
  • been exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are currently in quarantine (self-imposed or mandated)
  • are immuno-compromised, showing any flu-like symptoms or feel unwell.


Important Updates on COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Measures

When Circuit Breaker was introduced in the vernacular on 3 April, many businesses were effectively immediately told to shut down operations within a few days’ notice. In light of that, it was declared that only essential services were allowed to continue operating, and that includes electricians and electrical services.



Singapore COVID-19 ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures were announced to initially last from 7 April to 4 May. Since 21 April, it was announced that it will extend to 1 June. Subsequently, Daylight Electrician Singapore remains grateful that we are allowed to operate in limited capacity, within the guidelines of government authorities; to be able to continue providing electrical services to our clients who are discovering electrical problems due to more frequent usage because of Work From Home (WFH) rules imposed. This remains accurate information as of 17 June 2020.

Daylight Electrician Singapore provides complete electrical services including an emergency electrician service. Our network of electrical workers and EMA licensed electricians are specially trained to execute all kinds of electrical repairs and works including electrical installation such as light installationpower socket installationpower failure recovery as well as electrical wiring and rewiring. We have over 10 years of electrician experience and have done thousands of electrical works for both residential (Landed, condo, and HDB electricians) and commercial electricians. We are the highly recommended electrician in Singapore with many happy customers and reviews. Call us for guaranteed transparent and honest pricing for all your electrical needs at +65 8241 0032.