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Dangers of DIY Power Socket Installation

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Like light switches, power sockets are considered vital since they help in the completion of important tasks. They also provide many conveniences and allow for enhanced comfort. But in order for them to be installed, a number of procedures need to be undertaken.

When installing a power socket, the commercial or HDB electrician will first need to calculate the maximum power output that your home’s electrical wiring can withstand. This is to avoid any electrical overloads which can lead to the electrical system breaking down. Afterward, they purchase the needed parts and conduct the installation process thoroughly to prevent issues which will require extensive electrical repairs or replacements.

In order to save on cost and time, some homeowners would prefer to install a power socket on their own. Though this would seem ideal at first, it actually brings a number of dangers such as the following:

Incorrect Wiring


Incorrect wiring does not just pertain to faulty installation of wires or minor electrical wiring mistakes. In fact, it can also refer to the usage of incorrect wire type or length, mishandling of wires, misalignment of wires, and poor wiring design. Any of these issues can cause overheating which is a fire hazard. Your home’s electrical system can also become overloaded which can result in the electrical outlets themselves malfunctioning. In any case, an electrical wiring repair or replacement might be necessary.



Installing a power socket by yourself is more than likely to cause electric shocks which can bring about burns, internal injuries, unconsciousness, and even death. In most cases, such accidents occur due to people trying to connect the various electrical wires of their power sockets without understanding their functions.

For you to protect yourself against electric shocks, it is best that you call an electrician to install your power socket for you. Since they have better understanding of the different components of an electrical socket, they will be able to complete the installation process without causing any major accidents.


Circuit Overload


As mentioned previously, a DIY electrical socket installation can result in a circuit overload. The reason for this is that those who try to install a power socket themselves without any relevant knowledge or experience often fail to take note of the electrical load capacity of their home. When a circuit overload takes place, other electrical appliances and devices can become damaged as well.

Once you call an electrician to install your power socket for you, you can prevent any circuit overload from occurring. Since they can better determine load capacity, they will be able to know how many more electrical outlets can be installed in your home without any damage being caused.


Fire Hazards


As is the case with electrical switches, power sockets consist of various components which are active with electricity. When these components are improperly installed or incur damage during a DIY installation, they can cause sparks to be produced. This is a fire hazard as the sparks may come into contact with any nearby furniture and appliances. The sockets may also burst if any electrical devices are plugged into them. To prevent such hazards from occurring, it is best that you contact an electrician to install your power sockets for you.



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