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Danger Signs That Tell You To Replace Your Power Socket  

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With the rising frequency of modern appliances, there is always a high potential electrical hazard that is related to the power socket. When power sockets are not taken care of in time, it always results in calling in an Emergency Electrician Singapore. One can easily eliminate and reduce the occurrence of these danger signs by taking the assistance of the electrician or they can do it themselves. If you are are wondering why your electrical socket stopped working or is facing any other power socket problems, then refer to the article discussed below.



Types of power socket

  • Single Gang Power Socket: The term Gang is used for describing the total count of switches that are on the plate. The single gang power socket will help in controlling one lighting circuit.
  • Double Gang Power Socket: The double-gang power socket will help in controlling dual lighting circuit. In most of the domestic setting, you will hardly find any power socket that contains more than three light switches.
  • Washing Machine Point: Washing machine point is basically the socket that one will use for connecting electrical power to a washing machine.
  • Aircon Point: Aircon Point is a socket that one will have to build in order to connect electrical power to the air conditioner.


Reasons that can lead to the failure of the power socket-day-light-electrician-singapore_wm

Reasons that can lead to the failure of the power socket

  • Permanent extension cord use: If you are using an extension cord for connecting different types of appliances than there is a high chance that it will overload the power socket that can lead to fire breakout. You will have to ensure that you are not connecting more than two devices with a single extension cord. Make sure that the appliances that you are connecting will not consume a lot of power. In case of power socket failure due to the use of extension cord, you can hire an electrician for installing a new power socket or you can do it yourself.
  • Outdated wiring: The wires of a house will become outdated after a span of 20 years and which is why it will get easily overloaded. Outdated wiring can lead to the complete shutdown of electricity and can also increase the danger of fire breakout. You will need to have an electrical wiring upgrade or electrical wiring replacement. If you are unable to do it yourself then you can hire an electrician who can do it for you.
  • Mismatched light fixtures to voltage: Light fixtures do come with some fire hazard if they have any faulty wiring. If the light that is used in the lamp is not accommodating the wattage and voltage then make sure you are replacing the light bulb and purchasing the one that comes with the recommended wattage. Overheating will always lead to a fire. If any hazard arises due to light fixtures then you can call an electrician Singapore.

Ways to troubleshoot the power socket if it is not working-day-light-electrician-singapore_wm

Ways to troubleshoot the power socket if it is not working

The worst possible case is when your electrical socket stopped working and most people will come to the conclusion that it needs power socket replacement. You can call an electrical contractor to troublesootv the problem, or do it yourself, to find out what electrical work may need to be done besides a simple power socket replacement. There may be an underlying problem.

The first thing that you need to do is check if the other outlets are dead. Check every other outlet and see if the appliances are getting switched on or not. You can you reset the Power socket trip from the circuit breaker. Find the switch button on the circuit breaker that is in the “off position” and flip it on again. If it doesn’t allow you to switch it back on, or it trips the power again, it is better to call a licensed electrician to fix the source of the trip.

Danger signs that indicate to replace the powers socket-day-light-electrician-singapore _wm

Danger signs that indicate to replace the powers socket 

  • System failure: Some homes may not be structured to handle Most of the traditional home are not structured in a way that can support the electrical demands of modern appliances. So whenever it faces any overload it is going to shut down immediately. There is a high chance that the fuse will blow up there will be some trips on the circuit breaker
  • Overloaded Extension cords: Extension cords are definitely responsible for most of the fires that are caused every year. These devices when over relied on can be dangerous. In many homes, you can see that there is no sufficient outlet and most of the people are using the extension cord to connect various devices. Not to mention the unsightly wires. Therefore, it is better to install additional power sockets in your house with an electrician.
  • Warm touch: Make sure that the outlets, switches and other components of the electric circuit are not getting warm. Whenever the circuit is becoming warm to the touch, it will indicate that it is overloaded which can not only lead to electric shock but can also be a reason for the fire.
  • Light flickering: Light Flickering is encountered when two appliances that consume the same amount of power are running at the same time as an air conditioner or refrigerator. These two high engergy-consuming devices should haves it own operating power socket.

How to replace the power socket all by yourself or with the help of an electrician-day-light-electrician-singapore _wm

How to replace the power socket all by yourself or with the help of an electrician

  1. First, you will have to turn off the power of every area that you will be working on for Power socket repair or electrical repair.
  2. Now you will have to remove the plate that is on the face of the electrical outlet.
  3. Now you will have to remove all the electrical outlet and unscrew all the visible screws.
  4. Now you will have to remove the outlet from the box.
  5. Keep on removing all the wires that are a part of the old outlet by removing the screws and be careful as they are wrapped around.
  6. You will have to work with the ground wire which you will have to ground it to the box and to the outlet.
  7. Create a loop on the grounding wire.
  8. You will have to attach all the wires to this new outlet.



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Replacing power sockets involves lot of electrical wiring issues and is definitely a tough for a layperson, so you will need someone who is skilled with this process and can do it without damaging anything further.

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