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Common Light Switch Replacement Mistakes

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A light switch is a part of every Singapore home. Due to continued use, a light switch can get worn out and damaged as time passes. If damaged, homeowners can do light switch replacement by themselves, but they must be aware of the factors to be considered before doing any electrical repair or replacement.


Here are the common light switch replacement mistakes that homeowners should consider:

Connecting The Hot Wire To The Neutral Post 

To connect the wiring inside a light switch, you should familiarise yourself with the common electrical wiring terms. Usually, there are three kinds of wire inside a light switch, namely: neutral, hot and ground wire. Before starting the light switch replacement, make sure that you identify all the wires according to their colors. For hot wire, the color can be black, or red. Hot wire can also be white if it is connected as the “switch” leg. The ground wire is usually a bare copper, or green wire. Before disconnecting them from the switch, it is important to note which wire goes to a specific post. You can use a black electrical tape for easier identification. When replacing the switch, be sure the hot wires go to the brass-colored side. Then attach the ground wire (if present) before replacing the switch in the box. If you are not sure with the wires, it is best to call an HDB electrician, condo, or commercial electricians to fix the electrical wiring for you.


Failing To Disable The Circuit Breaker 


Before replacing the light switch, it is a given to turn off the circuit breaker where the switch is connected. However, do not assume that it will cut the power to your light switch because it is possible that there is a cross hotwire behind the walls. To be sure that the power is cut off, turn off the main circuit breaker in the main electrical panel of the house or building. As precautionary measure, you can also use a voltage tester to measure if there is an electricity present in the wires. If the voltmeter registers voltage at any of the wires connected to the switch, it is advisable to call a licensed electrician to avoid accidents.


Cutting The Wires Too Short 

Before disconnecting the wires from the old switch, make sure to have enough wire to securely attach the wires into a new light switch. A two-inch wire allowance should be allotted after disconnecting the wires from the old switch. This wire allowance is enough to attach the other end of the wire to the new switch. If the wire is not enough, call a light switch repair electrician and request for an electrical wiring installation and have them extend the wires.


Contact An Electrician To Conduct Light Switch Replacement


If you are still unclear on how to replace your light switch, please avoid DIY repair and call a professional electrician or emergency electrician (if the case is severe). Professionally trained electricians are knowledgeable in dealing with light switch replacements and they also follow electrical installation safety tips to make sure that the components are installed properly.



Light switch replacement mistakes can happen any time. That is why it is recommended to contact Daylight Electrician, a reliable and trusted electrical service to do the replacement. A simple electrical wiring mistake can cause damage, and this could easily be avoided by letting the professional do the job.


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