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Common Light Switch Problems

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Problems with house light switches are not an uncommon occurrence among homeowners. That said, they can be extremely disruptive and can prevent you from performing needed household tasks. As such, it’s important to be familiar with them so that you can avoid any further inconveniences and light installation problems. You’ll also be able to prevent high electricity bills once you know what’s causing your light switches to malfunction.

Light switch issues differ according to their severity. Some electrical switch problems can be repaired easily alone while others require fixing by a reliable electrician. There are also a number of light switch issues which are irreparable and warrant a light switch replacement. To prevent accidents, avoid tending to your broken light switch if you lack the required tools and knowledge to do an electrical repair or replacement. With that, here’s a list of some common light switch problems and their causes:


Broken Light Switch Parts

Older light switches are more likely to incur damage after being in service for a long time. Such damage can include cracks or even loose internal parts. Whatever its form, light switch damage can cause your switch to stop working properly and prevent your home’s light installations from powering on. So if you think any components might be broken, immediately contact a licensed electrician to have it fixed or replaced.


Damaged Switch Wiring


Nowadays, electrical wiring done for light switches in Singapore includes layered safety control systems. As a result, even minor fluctuations in current can trigger a safety response mechanism through the circuit breaker or fuse. So if you notice that your light bulbs don’t power on even after you turn on your switches, check if you have any problems with your switch’s electrical wiring. Should you experience any difficulty, engage an electrical contractor so they can help you out.


Flickering Bulbs

Flickering bulbs are a common lighting issue which can usually be resolved by tightening the bulb holder. But if this fails to stop the problem, then it’s possible that you might have a defective light switch. In that case, have a professional electrician do a light switch repair for you. If this fails to solve the problem however, then a complete light switch replacement might be necessary.


Overheating Light Switch


It’s usually normal for some switches to be warm to touch due to the electricity which runs through them. But if your light switch is not working and feels unusually hot, then it’s possible that it might be overloaded. In that case, try using bulbs with a lower wattage to reduce the current running through your switch. You can also call an electrical contractor to rewire your switch so that it has a more balanced electrical load. But if either solution fails, then a light switch replacement might be necessary.



Now that you know about some common light switch problems and their causes, you’ll be able to know if your light switch needs repairing or replacing. But if you continue to face difficulty, then feel free to contact Daylight Electrician Singapore. Our professional and experienced electricians can help you resolve any light switch problems you might be facing. In addition, they can help you with any other electrical services which you might need. For more information, make sure to view our price list.

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