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Choosing the right lighting for your HDB

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Like choosing good ceiling fans to set up, knowing the best lights to install for your HDB flat can help improve its overall appearance. This normally involves being aware of the right design, color temperature, and brightness level which your light bulb should have. How frequently it requires electrical repairs should also be considered as well. Ultimately, failing to choose the least appropriate bulb/s to electrically install in your home can lead to much discomfort and even high electric bills. Thus, in order to assist you, we have provided some guidelines on how you can choose the right lighting for your HDB flat.


Types of Lighting



Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the primary source of light in a certain room. Usually, this is provided by fluorescent tubes or LED bulbs. Chandeliers and pendant lights can also be a general source of light provided they are installed on a high ceiling. There are even portable floor lights which are often used by families who want to illuminate a whole room using just one bulb. If you only require lighting at certain times of the day, you can install a ceiling fan with a light kit to save on electricity costs.


Accent Lighting


Accent lights are used to illuminate specific areas of a room or space. For securing prominent areas such as a driveway or yard, spotlights are commonly used. There are also wall sconces you can install in your bedroom or along your hallway to add some elegance. In case you have pictures which you want to stand out more, you can set up picture lights around them so that they are much brighter to look at. Otherwise, have downlights or recessed lights installed so that other surrounding furniture can be illuminated as well.


Task Lighting

Some people need certain lights installed to perform their tasks easier. In that case, installing task lights are highly recommended. If you need adequate brightness for studying or reading, you might want to consider buying a table lamp or desk lamp. Should you require enough light for washing or fixing yourself however, have a reliable electrician install vanity lights around your mirror instead. You can also have adjustable floor lamps installed in case you want to control the position of your light installation while working.


Best Lighting Type For Your Room



Living Room

The living room is often the largest room in the house and can also include the dining area. Most homeowners spend the majority of their time in this room be it through reading, eating, relaxing or entertaining guests. As such, it is important that your living room is well-illuminated. If your living room happens to be small, you can simply have a single ceiling light installed. On the other hand, multiple downlights or hanging fixtures might be needed if your living room is larger. You can also install cove lights in case you prefer a more adjustable and energy-efficient light installation.



The kitchen is one of the most important places to install proper lighting in your home. If you have a kitchen island, it is recommended that you have under cabinet lights set up so that you have enough brightness while working or eating in your kitchen. When it comes to cooking on the other hand, recessed lights are the most preferred option to use to avoid any culinary accidents or mishaps while preparing your meal. As for washing dishes or cleaning your sink, installing pendant lights are the best choice provided you know how to adjust their height properly.



Besides sleeping, the bedroom is where you can relax and unwind. For optimal comfort and relaxation, choose the most appropriate lights available. In regards to your bedroom closet, it is best that you install LED lights inside or around it so that you can sort through your wardrobe with ease. You might also want to set up a modern bedside lamp on your nightstand so that you can have enough brightness while reading. Try also having cove lights installed alongside dimmer light switches so that you can easily turn them off before you sleep.




The bathroom is where you groom yourself to look your best. As such, having good bathroom lighting is important. Asides from having multiple LED ceiling downlights installed, you can also install vanity lights around the mirror so that you can see yourself more clearly. It is also recommended to set up wall scones so that prominent areas like your washbasin are well-illuminated. You can also consider having indirect lighting set up around your shower or bathtub to provide a relaxing atmosphere while you bathe.



Once you have decided on what lights are most appropriate for your bedroom, do not hesitate to engage Daylight Electrician Singapore. We have experienced and licensed electricians who can install any lights of your preference. Besides that, they can also give you some tips on how to maintain your light installations for the long term. See our price list to know more about the cost of our electrical services.

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