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Call An Electrician To Install A Power Socket

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Besides light switches, power sockets are essential in serving our electrical needs. Without them, using electrical appliances and plug-in lights would not be possible.

A power socket connects electrical devices to the AC power supply. Each power socket in the market differs according to its voltage, connector type, size, and rating. Once you’ve figured out which power sockets are most suitable for your home, contact a licensed electrician to install them for you. In addition, take note of the signs for when a power socket repair or replacement is necessary.


Why Should You Call An Electrician?

Engaging a reliable electrician is extremely vital especially if your sockets face certain electrical issues which require troubleshooting. Otherwise, you might cause further problems if you try to resolve them yourself.

The following are indications for when you need to contact an electrician:

  • Outdated Power Sockets


Some older homes are structured in a way that doesn’t enable them to support modern electrical installations. As a result, their sockets tend to experience an overload when used with certain adaptors. When this happens, a power trip can occur which can in turn cause a fire. So if you think your home’s sockets are outdated, immediately engage an electrical contractor to have them upgraded.

  • Flickering or Dim Lights


Light flickering is a common light installation problem which might also indicate that your power sockets need servicing. This is because flickering can occur as a result of overloading. In that case, have an electrician examine your electrical system so that they can determine if a power socket replacement or repair is needed.

  • Sockets Which Are Warm To Touch

Like electrical switches, power sockets should never be warm to touch. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that your circuit might be overloaded. If so, have an emergency electrician redo your electrical wiring where necessary.

  • Lack of Power Sockets

Believe it or not, some houses don’t have power sockets installed. So if you’re moving into a new home and have nowhere to plug your devices, contact an electrician to do a power socket installation for you.


Power Socket Standards in Singapore


Most power sockets installed in Singapore are type G and have a standard voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz.

Type G power sockets generally include safety switches. Furthermore, they are only compatible with type G electrical plugs. These consist of a protective fuse to prevent a power trip which can cause the socket to stop working.


How To Determine If Your Power Sockets Are Malfunctioning

Like other electrical components, power sockets also experience danger signs which show that they’re in need of replacing or repairing. So make sure to do the following in order to prevent major electrical issues:

  • Inspect Your Power Sockets


One way to conduct electrical maintenance with your power sockets is by inspecting them for scorch marks, sizzling, buzzing sounds, and excessive heat. For better accuracy, try using a voltage tester.

Should you experience any of the problems mentioned, contact a professional electrician to replace your socket or repair it as soon as possible.

  • Examine Your Electrical Wiring

Power sockets can malfunction as a result of electrical wiring mistakes or problems such as faulty wiring. So always remember to check your electrical wires in case your electrical outlets don’t work properly. Should you detect any wiring issues, contact a professional electrician to do the necessary wiring repairs or replacement.



Having a professional electrician resolve your power socket problems can benefit you greatly as opposed to a DIY electrical repair. So in line with that, feel free to contact Daylight Electrician Singapore. Our experienced electricians can ensure that all power socket issues you face are resolved properly. In addition, they can perform other electrical services which you might be in need of. For more information, feel free to view our price list.


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