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Benefits of Installing A Wired Doorbell

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Every home requires a doorbell such that people living inside the house are aware that there is someone outside. After hearing the doorbell, the family member will decide whether it is safe to open the door and take action accordingly. Most homes will call the services of an HDB electrician to install their doorbells. However, after quite some time the installed doorbell will start to malfunction frequently, especially if it is used very often. Therefore, the family will have to call an electrician to conduct an electrical installation. installation to replace the existing doorbell or if the home does not have a doorbell.

Before planning for doorbell installation, the homeowner will have to decide whether he wishes to install a wired or wireless doorbell. It is observed that though wireless doorbells are being advertised extensively, many families in Singapore continue to prefer wired doorbells for reasons which are discussed below.


Wired Doorbells 


It is important to understand the doorbell design’s benefits. When conducting a doorbell installation or a doorbell switch replacement, you should know that it consists of multiple components which are wired together. The button which everyone presses is installed near or on the door. The button is connected to the chime box which is installed inside the house.

Once the doorbell button is pressed, the chime box will generate a loud sound or tune. The chime box works at a lower voltage, therefore to avoid electrical wiring mistakes, it should be connected to a transformer which will convert the power supply voltage of 230 volt to the chime box voltage. 

Even if it is time-consuming to install a wired doorbell, doorbell replacement or an electrical replacement is usually simpler since the wiring can be reused. Additionally, the time required for replacing the wired doorbell is less.


Pros of Wired Doorbells

Accommodates a Lighted Button 

The button of the installed doorbell may not be noticeable at night. Therefore, many property owners prefer to install a lighted button which is noticeable at night. For a wired doorbell, the doorbell itself is connected to the main power supply such that no additional batteries or power supply is required for a lighted button.

On the other hand, the batteries of a wireless doorbell are the main source of power supply. These batteries will get drained quickly if they are used for a lighted button, and this is a sign that you need an electrical wiring repair and replacement. Those homeowners who want a lighted button for their doorbell, should opt for a wired doorbell replacement. Considering that it will be cheaper and less maintenance will be required. 

Electrical Safety of Doorbells 


The wiring for a wired doorbell is rather difficult, therefore it is ideal to find a reliable electrician in Singapore. Once the doorbell installation is done, and if there is no damage to the wiring, a quality doorbell can be used for ten or more years. If there is any problem with the doorbell, the wiring and the components should be inspected.

Hiring a certified electrician is the best choice since they can do any electrical repair and even give you general electrical safety tips. The risk of electrical shock or other dangers is reduced as the voltage at the chime box is less. On the other hand, since wireless doorbells are using batteries, the battery will require frequent replacement. Thus, more time and effort will be required for the maintenance of the wireless doorbell. 

High Prices of Wireless Systems


There are things to consider when planning electrical works, and one of them is the cost of installing a wired or wireless doorbell. Wireless systems using radio frequency signals, such that a loud sound or tune is heard throughout the house when the bell is pressed. Meanwhile, wired doorbells have a transmitter that will send a signal to the receiver in the chime box in order to hear the sound or tune after being raised at the speaker.

Compared to a wired doorbell, a wireless system itself is more advanced and expensive, as well as its electrical repairs and replacement. An additional feature for motion detection, cameras, videophone, will add to the cost of the wireless doorbell. The batteries should be replaced as well after a few months which also makes wireless doorbells expensive. The range of the wireless doorbell is also limited, and repeaters may be required for larger homes, increasing the cost.


Although wireless doorbells are easy to install, they are not very secure since they use radio frequency signals. A hacker in the area may use similar radio frequency signals to mess with the functioning of the doorbell. This may cause it to ring automatically even if no one is pressing the doorbell button. However, a wired doorbell is much more secure since it is more difficult to mess with the wiring as it is mostly inside the house. For families who prioritize home security, a wired doorbell is highly suggested. However, if you are experiencing common electrical installation problems, it is advisable to contact an electrician. 



Owing to the busy schedule that most people have, they wish to reduce the time they spend on the maintenance of home appliances and other household items. Therefore, after they have an electrical installation, they do not want to spend time on repairs or other maintenance. Hence, wired doorbells are recommended for practical users.

A quality wired doorbell installed by an electrician will usually last you for about 10 years, and to keep them functioning there are 5 ways to maintain your electrical installation. There are also more designs of wired doorbells available to match the decor of the house. As compared to wireless doorbells which require a frequent battery replacement, and may last for a shorter time since electronics used may get damaged.

No Interference


Most homes are using a large number of wireless devices on the WiFi network. As you may know that wired doorbells do not use any radio frequency signal, they do not cause any interference in the WiFi or wireless devices. Thus, if there is an interference issue with any WiFi device, it is easier to troubleshoot them. Although before you proceed, there are things to take note of when doing an electrical troubleshooting. Wireless doorbells may be similar to other wireless gadgets in the house, affecting the functioning of these gadgets. Hence, home owners who wish to reduce the electromagnetic frequency interference should opt for wired doorbells. 



There are different types of electrical services available in Singapore, and one of them is installing a wired doorbell. There are several benefits of installing a wired doorbell, such as its inexpensive cost, less maintenance, offers more security, practicality, and no interference. That is why most homeowners in Singapore install wired doorbells as it is very convenient. If you are looking for an electrician to install your wired doorbells, you may give us a call at Daylight Electrician Singapore. We have certified electricians who can do the installation perfectly. 


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