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Avoid These 7 Mistakes When Fixing a Power Trip

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Avoiding common mistakes when fixing a power trip is incredibly important as it prevents accidents like electric shocks. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid causing damage to your electrical wiring and other vital electrical parts.

Knowing what mistakes to avoid when fixing a power trip can also be helpful when you are executing DIY electrical works, such as electrical switch repair, power socket/power point repair, and other vital works.

Let us proceed with the seven mistakes to avoid when fixing a power trip.


  1. Failing To Unplug Electrical Appliances


Power trips at home often occur whenever electrical appliances are left plugged in during power failures. This is due to the sudden surge in current which they experience once the power is restored. During a power failure, these appliances can spark or even explode, risking a fire hazard.

To protect your electrical appliances from another power trip, be sure to unplug them while doing the necessary repairs. By doing so, you will be able to prevent them from sustaining significant damage.


  1. Not Wearing Safety Gear

No matter what sort of power trip issues you experience (be it related to your house’s light switches or power sockets), it is extremely vital to wear proper safety gear. Otherwise, you might experience shocks especially when handling the internal parts of your electrical outlet. Recommended safety gear for electrical works include footwear, gloves, and other clothes made of insulating fabric. Besides that, make sure that all parts of your body are dry to avoid electrocuting yourself.


  1. Using Defective Testing and Repair Equipment

When resolving a power trip on your HDB circuit breaker or other devices, it is also important that you equip yourself with the right electrical tools needed to do the job (e.g. wire cutters, strippers, crimping tools). Furthermore, you should ensure that such tools are in good condition. Otherwise, you might end up damaging other vital components of your light switch or power socket. Accidents such as electrical socket and switch shocks might occur as well.


  1. Using Unearthed Equipment

Besides following general electric safety tips, you should also ensure that the electrical equipment you use has been earthed. That way, you will be able to have a significant level of protection against electric shocks. If you are unsure whether your electrical equipment has undergone earthing, try having them examined by a reliable electrician.


  1. Using Incorrect Wiring

Whether you are repairing a light switch or power socket, you should ensure that the damaged electrical connections are replaced with the correct electrical wiring. Failing to do so may result in overheating, insulation damage, and other severe issues. You can read more to how to avoid electrical wiring mistakes.

Most devices make use of copper wiring and large-size conductor wires to carry a higher amount of current. Furthermore, nearly all types of electrical wires are made of insulated material. If you are unsure of what electrical wiring your socket or switch needs, try to look up some size charts provided by wiring manufacturers.


  1. Switching All Appliances Back On Together

In order to resolve a power trip, it is important to identify exactly which one of your appliances caused the trip by switching them on. However, make sure not to turn on all your appliances at the same time. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to identify which one is in need of an electrical repair or replacement.


  1. Replacing Circuit Breaker With Inferior Model

When replacing a circuit breaker for your home, it is important to ensure that the new model you install has the proper rating for your appliances. This is because a circuit breaker with a much lower rating than required might cause power trips to recur. Furthermore, ensure that the parts of your newly installed circuit breaker are not showing any signs of damage. That way, you need not worry about any short circuits or ground faults taking place in case another power failure occurs.



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