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A Walk-through Guide To Troubleshooting Your Power Socket Issues

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A Walk-through Guide To Troubleshooting Your Power Socket Issues

A walkthrough guide to troubleshooting your power socket issues

Problems in a power socket are not a rare thing and could be a common sight in many houses. This thing should be there in the minds of people that it could either solved by them or they will need to call an electrician. Here are a few of the things that are related to this problem and will help in fixing this problem.


 Reasons For Installing A New Electrical Outlet At Home

There are a lot of reasons for which the installation of a new electrical outlet could be needed. One of the common problems that you could face is that the electrical socket of your house is not working. Now, this could happen due to a lot of reasons. There could be loosening of wires, a short circuit in the main breaker or anything else. Sometimes the problem is big and sometimes small. If it is small, it could be fixed easily, if not you will need to call an electrician. In the section below, we have mentioned a few other things related to it.


Steps To Take For Electrical Socket Installation

The problems that come with a power socket is definitely needed the hands of an electrician Singapore, but first, it needs to be checked. If the problem is not so serious, it could be even solved by the houseowner. So, the steps that we are mentioning here will first include the steps that could help you in detecting the problem. Here is the list of the steps to troubleshoot power socket of your house.

  • The first thing you will realise about the power socket problem is that the electrical appliance that you connected was not working when plugged into this socket. Now, you need to plug in some other appliance to it and need to see whether the power socket is working or not. If it is working, then definitely there is a problem with your electrical appliance and not with the socket. If not, then read the other points written below.
  • There are some particular types of circuits that generally shut down automatically. If the circuit is of this kind, then you need to go and fix it from the main connection.
  • Once it is confirmed that this particular power socket not working, you need to go and check other outlets that are there in your house. This is to detect if there is a power failure Now, it is said that if one outlet at your home is not working, there are chances that the other outlets that are nearby it won’t work too. If the other outlets too are not working, you need to fix it from the main panel.
  • Another thing that you need to do is to go and to check if the electrical breaker tripped. You will see that there are a lot of switches there. Now, you will see that there are pointers that would tell you whether the switches are on or off. If the switch of your outlet is off for some reason, the power socket no power. Turn it on again and then go and test it again.
  • If you have plugged in a lot of things in a single circuit, then you should go and unplug it now. The reason for which this is recommended is that, whenever you plug so many things in a single socket, you are actually overloading the power.
  • Now, go and check the wires that are there inside the socket. Sometimes, even the loose wires could cause this problem, so you need to tighten the wires if any. For that, open the socket by removing all the screws that it has. Make sure that while you are doing it, the circuit breaker linking to this power socket is turned off.
  • If these of the tricks are not working and if you have not succeeded yet, then it is possible that the circuit or the outlet itself has some fault. Although this is not a common sight, it can happen and you would need to call an electrican.



Things to Look Out For During Power Socket Installation

If you are fixing the outlet or the power socket issue by yourself, you actually will need a few things that are important for the process. The list of this important equipment is mentioned here.

  • Screwdriver

This is the first thing that you will need. Now, the types of screwdrivers that you will need depend on the situation and the type of power socket. The two of the common screwdrivers that normally people use are flat head and Phillips head screwdriver.

If the situation comes that you have to change the socket completely, then you will need a replacement of it. So, it is recommended to buy it beforehand. If only the casing is broken, then you only need a power socket casing replacement.

  • Flashlight

This is probably the most important thing amongst all as if you do not have this thing with you, all the other equipment will be of no use.

  • Voltage tester

A voltage tester is important for testing the voltage and ultimately for protecting you from the electric shock.


What may be best left to an expert?

After all the troubleshooting steps that you have taken, and you still could not pinpoint what is the exact problem, it might be best to contact an electrician for their power socket power point services. If you could idenitify the problem but prefer the solution to be carried out by an electrician, feel free to contact Daylight Electrician Singapore. We guarantee you workmanship quality at affordable and transparent electrician prices.


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