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7 Signs You Need To Call In An Emergency Electrician

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Trying to resolve your electrical problems by yourself instead of calling electrical troubleshooting services can be very difficult. This applies whether you are experiencing minor issues such as a defective light switch or major ones such as loose electrical wiring. No matter what kind of issues you are facing, it is important to seek help from a reliable electrician with experience in servicing emergency electrical issues. By contacting an emergency electrician to help you out, you can ensure that your electrical issues are resolved quickly.

An emergency electrician can determine what specific electrical repairs are needed to resolve your electrical problems. They can also provide you with general electrical safety tips in case you experience other electrical issues in the future.  With that said, here are 7 signs you need to call in an emergency electrician.


1. Flickering and Dimming Lights


It is not unusual for lights to flicker or temporarily dim when another appliance with higher power consumption is turned on. If   That said, replacing the light fixture which is defective may not resolve the issue.  Instead, It is better to call a reliable electrician as soon as possible so he can see if you have a defective circuit board.


2. Electrical Sparks or Flames

Small sparks when connecting an appliance such as a toaster to a power socket are normal and not something to be alarmed about. However, if a large yellow or white spark suddenly emits from your electrical outlet while connecting other appliances, then you will likely need to contact an emergency electrician to replace your power socket.


3. Exposed Wiring


An exposed wire is a very serious electrical problem. As such, you should not try to fix it yourself or you might cause serious injury to yourself. Wires like many other things can suffer from wear and tear which can cause it to be exposed. In that case, an Electrical wiring repair will have to be done to prevent a fire hazard. Turn off your main power supply immediately and call a 24-hour electrician or engage an electrical contractor so that electrical shocks do not take place.


4. Buzzing/Humming From Electrical Devices


Normally when a sudden electrical surge occurs, the circuit breaker trips and stops the flow of electricity. However, if a buzzing or humming sound emanates from the DB Box, it might be a sign that it is experiencing electrical issues and is not able to prevent electrical surges which can be dangerous. Thus, If you notice a buzzing or humming sound from your DB Box, call an emergency electrician immediately.  They will be able to take the necessary steps to fix your issues problem so that no accidents take place.


5. Burning Smell From Electrical Devices


If you notice a burning smell from your power socket, it is likely due to overheating. This is considered an emergency and thus needs to be addressed quickly by an emergency electrician. While waiting for them to arrive, safely turn off the electrical outlet and unplug all appliances.


6. High Electricity Bills

If you notice a large increase in your electrical bill recently but have not installed any new home appliances, it is a possible sign that there may be an issue with your electrical system.  Otherwise, you may simply have home appliances such as an aircon or water heater that are not working efficiently. Either way, contact an emergency electrician to diagnose the issue for you so you can lower your electric bills.


7. Mild Shocks When Touching Electrical Devices


If you happen to feel a small electrical shock when you touch any of your home appliances or switches, you should quickly contact an emergency electrician. These mild shocks are usually caused by stored residual current which usually takes place due to device damage, wiring issues, or even your entire electrical system.  Whatever the cause, see to it the issue is addressed as soon as possible.



These are only some of the signs which indicate that you need to call an emergency electrician.  By doing so, you can ensure that your electrical issues are addressed quickly and safely.  Contacting an emergency electrician can also be very convenient if your electrical problems take place outside of standard working hours. If you need servicing by an emergency electrician, contact Daylight Electrician Singapore. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians will be more than happy to assist you. View our price list to learn more about our servicing costs. 


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