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6 Reasons Why Your Electrical Outlet Sparks

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Just like light installations, electrical outlets are highly important since they enable us to perform certain tasks much more easily. Thus, you should tend to them immediately when they face problems such as sparking.

Though it is usually normal for a power socket installation to spark when connected with another device (especially one which consumes lots of energy), you may want to call an HDB or emergency electrician if it sparks much too often. This is because it could indicate that there are underlying electrical problems which need to be resolved. By contacting an emergency or HDB electrician as soon as possible, you can prevent further electrical damage from taking place.

For your power sockets to be electrically repaired much more quickly, it is best to take note of the reasons for why they spark. Some causes of a sparking electrical outlet include the following:


Short Circuit


One common reason for why electrical outlets sometimes spark is a short circuit. Oftentimes, this happens because of faulty electrical wiring and loose connections. Besides sparks, a short circuit can also cause an installed power socket to produce a burning smell as well as buzzing/popping sounds.

If you think that the sparks from your electrical socket are the result of a short circuit, be sure to avoid repairing the socket yourself. Instead, it might be best to contact an electrician to conduct an electrical wiring repair or replacement.


Water Buildup

When a power outlet collects too much water, it can begin to spark heavily since water is a major conductor of electricity. Because of this, it is best to install your power sockets in an area where they are properly secured from rain and water-using devices (such as sprinklers). An electrical safety tip you should try is affixing a face plate on your outlets so that they are well-protected.


Long-term Use


Even if your home’s electrical outlet has been well-maintained, it is still likely to spark if it has been in use for a long time. As a matter of fact, old power socket installations tend to spark more frequently and are more likely to cause a fire hazard as a result. If you notice signs of wear and tear on your old electrical outlet, have a power socket replacement done as soon as you can.




Circuit overloading happens when too many electrical appliances are plugged into a single electrical outlet. The overloaded power socket will produce numerous sparks which is an electrical safety hazard. In order to avoid them, it is best to limit the number of devices plugged into the power sockets you have installed. This will allow them to carry minimal electrical load as well as ensure even distribution of power.


Substandard Repairs

Most of the time, power socket repairs done by cheap electricians and electrical contractors tend to be of low-quality. These electrical repairs can eventually cause the power socket to malfunction as well as experience numerous electrical problems such as heavy sparking. Thus, if you think that the sparks coming from your outlet are the result of substandard repairs, call an electrician immediately so they can determine if it needs additional fixing or has to be replaced.


DIY Repairs

It isn’t just cheap electricians and contractors which can cause an outlet to produce sparks. Trying to fix your installed electrical socket yourself can also be a cause. Take note that if you attempt DIY electrical repair without any relevant experience or knowledge, you could end up causing damage to its numerous electrical components. When these components fail to work properly, heavy sparking can take place.




If you have a power socket installation which sparks constantly, contact Daylight Electrician Singapore to provide you with assistance. Through our electrical services, we can help you determine the cause of your sparking outlet and conduct the necessary repairs in a fast and efficient manner. See our price list for more information on our servicing costs.


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