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6 Common Electrical Services Offered By A HDB Electrician

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It is helpful to be aware of the various electrical services available in case you need to resolve common electrical installation problems. That way, you can easily communicate to your hired HDB electrician exactly what electrical solutions you might require. Furthermore, you will be better able to plan your budget beforehand.

In this article we provide six common electrical services offered by an HDB electrician. By going through them, you can easily determine what services you need in case you need some electrical works to be done.


  1. Electrical Installations

If you have certain home appliance products or lights you need installed, it is recommended that you opt for an electrical installation. Trying to install appliances (e.g. air conditioners, dishwashers, geysers) or lights yourself can result in electrical damage. When this happens, you might end up receiving high power bills as well. Additionally, having a reliable electrician do an electrical installation for you helps ensure that the devices being set up do not incur any damage.


  1. Power Trip/Power Failure Services

One common electrical problem faced by many homeowners is a power trip/power failure. These usually occur when power lines to a home are suddenly cut off. Besides that, they increase the risk of electrical socket or switch shocks taking place.

If your home’s light installations’ suddenly lose power, make sure to contact a HDB electrician to do power trip/power failure servicing. They can inspect your home’s wiring layout, components, and electrical system to see if your power failure was caused by a short circuit, ground fault, or overloading. Furthermore, a professional will know if you need an electrical wiring repair/replacement or if you need to change your circuit breaker completely.


  1. Light Installations


If you are moving into a new home, you might want to install new lights or replace your existing ones. In that case, the best service to avail of is light installation. This usually involves the electrician choosing a suitable bulb (if you have not purchased one yourself) and then setting up the wiring and electrical outlets. He/she might also install fixtures such as lamps and fittings so that the lights installed are visually pleasing.


  1. Electrical Switch Services


Like light installations, electrical switches can become damaged too. This includes water heater switches, doorbell switches, as well as light switches. In that case, opting for electrical switch servicing is the best option. This service usually involves close inspection of the switch itself and its electrical wiring. Once the problem with the switch has been identified, the electrician may either conduct electrical rewiring, switch repair, or a complete switch replacement.


  1. Power Socket Services


Homes in Singapore usually have a limited number of power sockets installed. As a result, many are unable to find a place to install their air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. If you experience this problem, you might want to go for power socket servicing to install more electrical sockets in your home.

When it comes to power socket installations, your electrician will first determine the right voltage limit for your sockets to have. This is to prevent overloading whenever multiple appliances are plugged in. Afterward, he might have to do some drilling and cutting onto the areas where you want your power sockets installed.


  1. Circuit Breaker Services

Regardless of the type of home you live in, you are sure to have a distribution box (DB box) installed somewhere. This is usually connected to multiple areas of the house and includes a circuit breaker to avoid electrical accidents. However, there may be times when the circuit breaker itself can sustain damage when instances such as HDB circuit breaker trips and short circuits occur. In case you experience such problems, the best solution is to opt for circuit breaker services. That way, you’ll be able to have your DB box changed with a model of a higher rating or simply have it repaired.



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