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5 Ways to Maintain Your Electrical Installations in Singapore

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Electrical switches and power sockets are some of the things that a Singapore homeowner may overlook even though they are used daily. Like other home appliances, switches and outlets require proper care and maintenance. Defective switches and outlets can cause damage to other electrical devices, can lead to fire, or electrocution. From time to time, these installations should be inspected for electrical repair and replacement.


To avoid these scenarios, here are the five ways on how to maintain electrical installations in your home:


Replace Old Electrical Wires


One of the main reasons for frequent damage to outlet and switches is faulty electrical wiring. Outdated wiring is made with low electricity resistance; therefore, it cannot sustain high surges of electricity that most modern appliances require. Old wiring is a hazard to your home if not replaced immediately. Having a licensed electrician to do electrical wiring installation to your home is advised. Doing this early on not only help you keep your family and property safe; it can also lessen the cost of expenses for future repairs.


Ensure to clean Your Electrical Appliances And Devices Regularly


One of the basic steps to maintain electrical installations is by cleaning. However, you should know the correct cleaning methods and tools to avoid damaging the installations. For example, an electrician should determine the time it would take and the cleaning method that should be done depending on the condition of the electrical components in installations. For instance, if a cleaning method require the use of liquid cleaning solutions, enough dry time must be determined. Liquid is a good conductor of electricity, hence it is important to make sure that the installation dried properly before switching it on to avoid electrocution. For these types of cleaning, a qualified and licensed electrician should do the job. Most cleaning methods usually require tools such as brushes, rags, vacuum cleaner, and liquid solvents.


Keep Your Devices And Appliances Cool

Electrical devices work by letting their electricity move in their components which results to heat emission. When a device is not properly cooled, it can be damaged, or performance can be decreased. Placing a cover on heat and air vents of devices is also not advisable as it prevents the heat from escaping, thus leading to overheating. To prevent this from happening, you should follow electrical maintenance tips and you should consult to a trusted electrician when planning to do electrical works.


Inspect Your Appliances And Devices Regularly 

The easiest way to prevent unwanted damages to your installations is by checking them regularly. Monitoring your devices performance and knowing their nature will help you identify if they are still working properly or not. Electrical issues like flickering, heating or sparking should not also be ignored, you must call an electrician if you are not sure on how to do  electrical troubleshooting. Electricians also used special tools like testers to see if the outlets are safe to use. Several types of outlets such as the three-prong plug, have lights on every prong. Once you plug it into the outlet, the device will point to a problem, if there is any. It is highly recommended to test your entire home outlets at least once per month to avoid careless electrical safety hazard.


Avoid Any DIY Work 


Do you know that 50% of Singapore homeowners attempt  electrical projects by themselves? The success rate for DIY electrical repair is about 31%–far less than the percentage of attempts. DIY is also attributed to tutorials available on the internet. In Singapore, the main cause of fire is electrical malfunction, that is why repair and replacement should be performed by trained technicians offering home electrical services. Hiring qualified and licensed electricians will ensure proper electrical installation work that can last for a long time and will keep your home safe. Besides, hiring a licensed electrician can protect you from legal issues in Singapore especially if faulty connection results in fire damaging third party properties.



Electrical Installations at home should be maintained regularly to keep them functioning well and to avoid damaging other home devices. Daylight Electrician not only offers electrical troubleshooting services, they also offer electrical services like circuit breaker and power trip services. They have capable and skilled electricians that can attend to your electrical work needs.


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