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5 Tools Used by Electricians for Light Repair

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Light installation and repair must be done properly. An electrician should make sure that the components including the wiring and the light switch are all working. In Singapore, electricians use different tools to complete repairs and installations quickly and efficiently.

Some of the tools that lighting electricians carry with them are the following:


Continuity Tester


A continuity tester is a device powered by a battery and has two probes. This device is used to check switches and other devices by connecting the two ends of the probes. If used to test a device and a light becomes visible, this means that the circuit is complete. The tester is used when the device is not connected to the electrical circuit. The tester should never be used on an electric circuit, or electrical wiring which is at a voltage since it will be dangerous for the user. Electricians also use this device when conducting electrical installation and repair.


Circuit Tester


A circuit tester is used check the wiring by connecting it to a power socket. It usually has a combination of lights which a reliable electrician can use to verify whether the wiring is correct. Also called an outlet or receptacle tester, this device helps in checking whether the AC outlet wiring is live, has neutral connection or ground connection. Though a multimeter can also be used, a circuit tester is more convenient. Some testers also use GFCI outlets. Unlike multimeters, they cannot detect when the ground and neutral wire are reversed.


Insulated Screwdriver


A screwdriver is made for securing and removing screws. It is widely used for general electrical services and work. However, most standard screw drivers have a metal shaft which is more than half the length of the tool. This metal part is a conductor of electricity and is dangerous for the user. Hence insulated screw drivers are used, which has plastic cover over the shaft and on the handle. Only the metallic tip of this screwdriver is exposed for installing and removing the screws so the user can hold the shaft of screwdriver without getting a shock. This screwdriver design also prevents damage to electronic components.


Combination Tool  


For power outlets, plugs and light installations, holes have to be drilled on walls and ceilings. A combination tool is helpful when it comes to drilling holes quickly and with accuracy. Some of the tools that electricians use for drilling holes are reamer tap, drill and milling countersunk.


Replacement Parts  


Failures on electrical appliances and installation usually need spare parts to be repaired. The technician who does electrical repair and replacement always carries spare parts as a substitute for the damaged parts. In fixing lighting fixtures, parts like the junction box, lamp holder, lamp, reflector, lens, trim and flange can be replaced. If one or more parts of the lighting fixture has failed, the technician will check for the damage and use his spare parts to replace the faulty parts.



Electrical tools are essential for all kinds of electrical works. Some of these tools can be used by an average homeowner, but some of these require skills and knowledge that most electricians have. Daylight Electrician has experienced and skilled electricians who use these tools in all kinds of electrical services. You may contact them if you find yourself needing an electrical repair or replacement.


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