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5 Things You Should Do Before Opting for a LED Light Repair

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The weather in Singapore is usually hot throughout the year. That is why most homeowners prefer to have LED light installation  than incandescent lights. Homeowners find led lights useful because the temperature does not affect their performance. Furthermore, LED consume less electricity but is as bright as incandescent bulbs which consumers more. But just like other electrical devices, led lights also require electrical repair and replacement from time to time.

LEDs are not immune to being faulty, after years of service, they will bust eventually. Replacement is the only option to fix this. However, it does not mean that they have to be replaced or repaired immediately. Before getting LED light repair or LED light driver replacement, it is best to do these steps first to determine what electrical service you need.


Check If Your Light Bulb Is Properly Inserted 


Electrical installation for LED bulb is not always successful. Loose lightbulbs are one of the most common reasons why LED bulbs do not light up. When it is not properly inserted, one side of the light bulb’s base is visible from the sockets and the placement looks crooked. If this is not the case, check if the lightbulb is wobbly or if it flickers from time to time. Check for these signs before deciding to replace the light bulb. Or you can also try electrical troubleshooting by unscrewing the LED off the socket before screwing it on again. If this does not fix anything, it is time to decide whether to get the LED replaced or repaired.


Check the LED Light Ballast


The ballast, is a component found inside the bulb and its function is similar to that of a heart. Its main purpose is to regulate the flow of electricity so that the bulb produces constant illumination. If the ballast gets busted, the bulb will not function because the flow of electricity will not be regulated. The same also goes for LED bulbs. But instead of the ballast, we call the electricity regulator the drive. In terms of function, these two are the same; the only difference is that a ballast is for incandescent bulbs while a drive is for LED lights. LED lights are not prone to electrical issues. Sometimes, because of long duration of use, it can become faulty. Another reason is because of a short in the LED’s electrical wiring, and lastly, it can be because of moisture penetrating the LED’s interior. If you encounter any of these problems, it is best to call a technician to have your bulbs tended. The drive of the LED light can be repaired. Repairable drives are those that are in Wall Mounted, Parking, Lawn or Backyard LEDs.


Check The Power Socket Or Outlet 


Faulty power sockets can also cause the LED light to malfunction. Using it for a long period of time, power sockets can gather dust. Large amounts of dust entering the socket can cause interruption to the LED’s power supply. If encountered, the homeowner can clean the socket using a narrow brush and dry cloth to rid the dust. To avoid electrical accidents, the owner must turn off the main power supply or the circuit breaker before proceeding with the cleaning.

The same also goes for power sockets, but there are also several factors to consider. It is possible that the wiring of the power socket burned or short-circuited. This issue is easy to notice but if it happened while unattended, this could cause major damage to property as it is a fire hazard. It is also possible that the power socket overloaded resulting to inadequate supply of electricity to the LED. If you notice that the socket causes the problem, call for an electrician immediately and avoid DIY electrical repair. Electricians can easily repair or do power socket replacement without causing further damages.


Inspect The Electrical Wiring


The electrical wiring connected to the LED bulb can malfunction too. Common causes of faulty electrical wiring are overloaded, disconnected or snapped wiring. To find the main cause, try checking if the switches of the circuit breaker are flipped. If flipped switches are found, it is certain that the house’s electrical wiring is faulty. For a safer fix, seek assistance from professional electrical service company. They have technicians that can help in detecting the issue properly, and they also do rewire and electrical wiring installation for your home.


Conduct A Continuity Test 


A continuity test is done to check if there are damaged sockets, outlets, bulb, and other electrical components . The tester can identify if a device has electricity in them by lighting up when it touches an electrified wiring. If the tester does not light up, it is possible that something is wrong with the electrical line. Hiring a licensed technician to do the testing is highly encouraged. Aside from testing, a technician can easily identify the cause of LED’s problem because he has the proper training to do it. The time it takes to complete a continuity test depends on the electrical wiring system. The larger the system, the longer it will take. Nevertheless, the cost of this service is always affordable in Singapore.



These factors must be considered before doing a light repair to make sure that the main cause is properly identified. If you are not sure on how to troubleshoot or identify the problem, you can contact Daylight Electrician and let them handle the light installation. They have experienced electricians that can install LED lights quickly and efficiently.


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