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4 Reasons Why Water Heater Switch Sparks

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You may notice sparks from your water heater switch when turning it on or off. You may be wondering why this happens or if your device is still okay to use. The good news is that not all cases of sparking suggest malfunctioning or danger.  Still, you must take the necessary precautions and understand the main causes of sparking. You may also consult water heater switch services for possible electrical repair and replacement.
Below are the four reasons why your heater switch is sparking:

Overloaded Two-way Water Heater Switch


Plugging in too many appliances to a power socket increases the chances of sparking. Older homes in Singapore commonly have this issue because they only have few circuit breakers installed despite serving multiple outlets. For example, if you plug a 15 amps heater to a 10 amps circuit, it will result to excessive loading which will then lead to sparking. Usually, domestic circuits have a rating of 10 to 15 amps, which should be compatible with most heater switch. Note that in case the heater switch sparks even when operating under the prescribed ratings, upgrading to a higher power capacity through water heater switch replacement is still necessary. However, avoid plugging in several devices to the same power socket using an extension cable because this may also cause sparking problem.


Old/Worn-out Power Outlets


Frequent usage can cause more damage to power outlets than its age. Constantly plugging devices in a specific outlet can cause electrical issues like short-circuiting and sparking. Always remember that heater switch must be replaced once there are obvious signs of wear and tear. You should also follow proper electrical maintenance tips to avoid the possibility of fire and other serious damage caused by sparking.


It Could Be As A Result Of Load Spark

Load spark happens when an electrical current flowing to the electric water heater switch does not stop. This happens when you try to turn off the switch, but the flowing current attempts to continue flowing to the next contact during separation. However, since the voltage retained is not enough to sustain the current flow, it becomes extinguished, causing the switch to spark. This kind of spark is not dangerous but if you suspect something is wrong with the switch, avoid DIY electrical repair and have a professional handle the electrical switch problems.


You Are Moving Your Heater Switch too Slowly


It is important to be very firm and direct when flipping your switches on or off at any given time. For instance, holding it halfway into the power outlet means the contacts are still far away from each other, and this can result to arc formation that cause sparking. Remember, the potential difference between the power outlet and the switch gap can be very high. This can ionize the air particles forming electrons and positive ions, and when discharged, causes sparking. If you need switch replacement, licensed electricians offer installation, repair, and other electrical troubleshooting services depending on your needs.



Sparking in water heater switch is normal, but when it causes scorch marks on the switch plate or emits smoke, you must call for emergency electrician services to have it fixed immediately. If you are experiencing switch sparks, consult contractors like Daylight electrician so further damage to your heater switch can be avoided.


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